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tumblr thread about a person befriending a wasp and her family | thumbnail includes a picture of a wasp and a part of a tumblr thread 'Plant - So instead of removing the nest and poisoning her with bug spray, you know what I did? I moved the area where I dump my things and started feeding her. I would tap three times on the railing before leaving a treat like fruit, honey, dog food, or pesky beetles I find in my garden, then move away to give them lots of space. Now when she comes out,'

Tumblr Thread: The Story Of A Person Actually Befriending A Wasp And Her Family

It's important to educate people about animals that are typically hated too <3
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wasp wasps nests scary tweets twitter funny lol wtf demonic demon insects vultures | Rob N Roll @thegallowboob This is wasp nest has grown around flood lights on garage and yes will see nightmares tonight

Twitter User Shows Demonic-Looking Wasps Nest Growing On Garage (Tweets)

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yellow jacket super nests

These Yellow Jacket 'Super Nests' In Alabama Are Down-Right Terrifying

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murder wasps spiders twitter life tweets Spider-Man funny - 5491973

The Oldest Spider Has Died, And Twitter Users Want Some Answers

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Bees Vs Wasps

funny animal image of bees vs wasps
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An Interesting Pet...

huge scary wasps - 8246841088
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Oh, And They Can Kill You

nature wasps spiders scary lobsters nightmares - 6952704256
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Are You Sure? Look Like Danglers to Me...

lol statues wasps wtf - 5245122048
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