I Can Has Cheezburger?


photos showing cats contributing to the war efforts

15 Historical Photos Of Cats During War

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Purr Be With You

animals peace war purr caption Cats - 8793510912
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Kittehs of the World Unite for Cheezburgers

cheezburger war tank Cats - 8481469440
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Tortoise Squadron One is the Best of the Best

capybara war military tortoise slow - 8441073152
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The Subtlety of Household Pet Politics

war if i fits i sits tank Cats politics - 8380005376
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And Now for the Dismount!

birds food war squirrel - 8337857280
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Onward to Freedom!

crabs gifs war - 8232982528
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animation animals pets playing war - 61775873

These Pets Aren't Playing Around!

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The Ongoing War on Heating Pads

Cats funny war - 7994249984
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Show Those Dogs No Quarter!

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The Kitteh Crusades

cat game war ceiling cat funny - 6983899904
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Bring Honor to Yourself and Your Kingdom!

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veterans war heartwarming soldiers marines Video - 46358017

The Healing Power of Pets: Veteran With PTSD Finds New Life With DD the Dog

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We loved, yes...

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Mexican Standoff

gifs Battle war attack fight Cats - 6760003584
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welcome home war military soldiers marines happy Video veterans day - 44365313

Veterans Day Video: Ecstatic Dogs Welcome Home Marine

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