I Can Has Cheezburger?


7 TikTok videos of Twiggy a kitten that likes to climb things | Thumbnail includes Twiggy on a dresser, Twiggy climbing a wall, and Twiggy on a banister railing 'you need to get down! W: f'm out here living tho "stop acting like you're spider-man" "get down from there!"'

Twiggy The Kitty Thinks She's Spider-Man: A Collection Of Videos That May Just Prove It

Just some chaotic cat behavior, that's all
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Cats Who Don't Understand Walls

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Over and Out, Wall Dog!

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This Explains So Much of Their Weirdness

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Lolcats: Wut grabiteez?

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Ensign kitteh to da bridge

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VIDEO: Kittehs vs. Wallpaper

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