I Can Has Cheezburger?


A TikTok video and 17 comments about an orange cat that won't use the door her hooman made for him | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of an orange cat on the top of the stairs, trying to get over a baby gate 'Has door built for him, doesn't use it.'

Gizmo The Cat Had A Door Built Just For Him, Chose Not To Use It Because He's Orange

He also enjoys hanging off railings and arguing with walls!
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group of cute cats trying to figure out how to get through an invisible saran wrap wall

Cats VS Many Invisible Walls Of Saran Wrap

Must beat invisible wall for snacks!
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cats liquid wall video funny lol cute animals youtube limbo cat

Cats: The True Masters Of Limbo (Video)

From solid to liquid to soild
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peeking adorable tourists Japan three shiba inu wall - 5857029

Three Adorable Shiba Inus Peeking Through a Wall Have Become a Tourist Attraction In Japan

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Expect The Unexpected

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Photo DIY framed gallery wall Video - 355591

A Good Gallery Wall Can Make Your Home Look Like a Million Bucks

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All In All It's Just Another Nap In The Wall!

animals nap another kitten just caption wall - 8812711680
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And It Doesn't Smell Good

animals smell caption trouble wall - 8812418816
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Watch Where You Put That Thing

animals cold nose caption wall - 8812278528
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If You Want To Freak Out Your Human, Try This!

hear caption wall mouse Cats - 8766837248
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Parkour Dog Forever!

parkour gif wall - 8495002624
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animals nip Cats wall mouse - 8485818368
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If I Fits is a Way of Life

box if i fits i sits Cats wall - 8473793280
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What? I Thought I Heard a Mouse!

hole sorry digging Cats wall mouse - 8471014656
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It's Better Than Your Face!

Cats wall funny - 8286717952
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This Cat Knows No Boundaries!

impressive climb gifs Cats wall - 7985470976
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