I Can Has Cheezburger?


Just walking along, nothing to see here. Just strolling about enjoying a breath of fresh air. Keep a leisurely gait with these silly and punny walking jokes.

Animal Memes: Scumbag Geese

annoying in the way Memes Scumbag Steve scumbags walking - 6357073408
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Cats humans leashes silly Video walk walking - 39203329

Animal Videos: How to Walk Your Human

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Animal Gifs: You Just Gotta Have Faith (the Dog)!

bipedal gifs human-like two legs walk walking - 6320351744
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Thank You for Noticing

buffalo car own road selfish walking - 6233152256
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Animal Gifs: Penguin... With Penguin Backpack

backpack bag gifs news penguin penguins walk walking wtf - 6234304512
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Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: Cool Cats Don't Look at Explosions

Cats cyoot kitteh of teh day explosions kitten tiny walking - 6189292032
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baby animals crossing ducklings ducks idiot insult mother traffic walking - 6109169408
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Animal Memes: Insanity Pup - Walkies? I Think You Mean Killies!

insane insanity pup puppies running scary walk walking - 5926578432
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Animal Gifs: Screw This, I'm Outta Here

ape gifs gorilla gorillas grumpy gtfo leave stand waddle walk walking - 6075060480
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Now I Gotta Go All the Way Back to Base

back carrying horse mistake wait a minute walking - 6064436736
By ElTiburon008
bridge bridges Cats Video walking water weird wet wtf - 36823553

Animal Videos: Kitteh Crosses Bridge

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attack attacking birds geese goose lol man Video walking wtf - 36025601

Animal Videos: Man vs. Wild Goose

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Animal Capshunz: John Cleese Would Be Proud

amphibians best of the week frogs Hall of Fame ministry of silly walks monty python silly walking - 5817888768
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back goats hooves humans massage massaging walking - 5883206400
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The length

best of the week dachshund Hall of Fame optimism optimistic perspective walk walking - 5871635968
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Entrance, Stage Left

bunny happy bunday peeking rabbit walking - 5818759424
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