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12 screenshots of a reddit thread where someone showed a picture of the neighborhood cat waiting for kids to come back from school even though it's summer | Thumbnail includes a photo of a black and white cat sitting on the side of the road waiting 'During the school year the kids walking to the bus stop will stop to pet him, during summer there are no kids walking but he still waits'

Cat Waits For Neighborhood Kids To Come Back From School And Give Him Pets, Even In The Summer When School's Out

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loyal waiting heartbreaking Video - 837382

Heartbroken Dog Waits For His Owner Everyday, After Falling Off Passing Boat

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cat waiting beside door

Home Alone: Pets Awaiting The Return Of Their Owners

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waiting windows cat photos ownership Cats - 7588101

These Cats Waiting For Their Owners To Return Prove Their True Love

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waiting meow food Cats - 93531137

The Hunger Mewos: When Your Cat Loves Food But Hates Waiting For It

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waiting funny memes Memes Cats cat memes - 6551557

16 Cats That Are Currently In a Waiting Position...(Memes)

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pets waiting for their owners to return home

15 Pets Anxiously Waiting For You To Come Back Home

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Sad pets waiting aww - 1392901

These Sad Dogs Waiting for Their Humans Will Make You Wish Everywhere Could Be Dog Friendly

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Mom, when's din...Never mind.

hate cat waiting dinner caption remember mom - 8998973184
See all captions Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Some of Us Are Just Not Very Romantic

waiting my love caption Cats mouse - 8803907072
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Aren't We All, Though?

animals waiting caption ice cream truck home - 8799846400
See all captions Created by echeg5

Don't Make A Sound!

animals postman quiet waiting caption - 8603391488
Created by amathistblue

Eyes on the Prize

waiting noms bowl - 8481250560
See all captions Created by beckysdad

If You're Gonna Stand There

asking girl grabbing hair lizard push swing waiting - 6067645952
See all captions Created by sixonefive72

It Must Be at the Banana Factory Entrance

gorillas signs waiting - 8211145216
Via John Kisner

You Find Your Entertainment Your Way and I'll Find Mine My Way

entertainment waiting jerk trip Cats - 8463942912
See all captions Created by echeg5
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