I Can Has Cheezburger?


"Hey, Wait Up!"

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They're in for a lickin'

wait cat catch stole caption - 8815621632
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Cats And Dogs Do Not Think The Same Way

wait cat open sit caption window - 8811709440
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I Am NOT Sticking Around For This!

wait please caption fart loading - 8418269184
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I'll Play Your Waiting Game Human

wait chicken hidden noms Cats - 8440073472
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Or Hours, Or Try Tomorrow

animals wait napping sleep Cats - 8386023936
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Do I Hear Santa's Sleigh Bells?

Cats christmas kitten wait santa - 7952168704
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Not Gonna Feed Me? I Can Wait...

GIF of a grumpy looking older cat waiting for food and not taking no for an answer.
By chestersmooshyface (Via chestersmooshyface.tumblr.com)

You Will be if you Jump...Sorta

wait jump squirrels flying squirrel - 7549076736
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No Problem...I Can Wait...

fetch wait - 7847746816
By Unknown

Everybody Gets Fluffy at Some Point!

wait birds embarrassed Fluffy funny - 7087697664
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Form An Orderly Line, Ladies

captions Cats love romance wait - 6579951872
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If We Leave it... He Will Come

patient ride wait drive car seat - 7039314176

Apparently Wun DUZ Simply Wok Into Mortar

wait ducks walking cement - 6946067712
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She Said She'd Call at Nine... Be Cool. Be Cool.

wait gifs call romance phone guinea pig love girl - 6980781312
By Unknown

A HUMAN, is just an "Accident".

wait accident captions human Cats - 6884294912
By Unknown
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