I Can Has Cheezburger?


16 screenshots from Reddit and Twitter of dog owners who talk to their dogs | Thumbnail includes blue background with a screenshot of a tweet 'I love overhearing dog owners talking to their dogs eg, I was petting this dog who seemed happy but then suddenly growled at me, so I left As I turned the corner I could hear his owner saying to him reproachfully, "You always do this, Oscar, you drive away all your friends"'

Dog Owners Confess They Change Their Voices When Speaking To Their Dogs

Baby talk
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voices human Video animals - 88650753

What Would it Sound Like if Animals Had Human Voices?

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a video of cats making noices

7 Sounds Cats Make And What They Mean

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The Voices in My Head Shoot Right Out My Mouth

voices whoops Cats black cat - 8389830400
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Take a Hint Human

animals crazy voices - 8350077696
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Something is Definitely Different Today

crazy voices squirrels - 8296941568
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My Best Friends!

crazy voices funny - 8290349312
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Friends are Friends

crazy funny voices - 8246641152
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voices cute corgi funny Video - 60537089

This Corgi has Very Specific Expectations When it Comes to Baby Talk

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Salmon Says...

voices salmon delicious Cats obey - 7888935680
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Melon Knows. Melon Knows Everything

crazy voices parrots evil listening watermelon - 6909997824
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So, the voices

captions Cats crazy insane listen nuts schizophrenia voices - 6507344384
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the pigs

bed crazy creepy evil insane pig schizophrenia voices - 6287674368
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all of them, basement cat?

bags crazy demon evil feed listen voices - 6344219648
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Classic LOLcat

crazy creepy listen roof schizophrenia voices - 6297297408
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I Hear Them Now

aye aye baby crazy horrible things voices - 6188439040
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