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Viral tiktok of baby cows having a birthday party

TikToker Throws a Birthday Party for Her Fluffy Cows and Goes Viral

All that was missing were little cow party hats.
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Toe beans of animals trending on tiktok, viral

Viral TikTok Animals Showing Off the Cutest Toe Beans

They're like, "hey, check out these beans."
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Viral TikTok of a chicken photoshoot

TikTok Goes Viral After Sharing Amazing Photoshoot of a Chicken

Who is she?
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Stolen dog gets reunited with family

Viral TikTok of a Stolen Dog Being Reunited With His Owner Should Be a Hallmark Movie

"He's like, 'mom, you would not believe what happened!.'"
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Delivery guys in love with dogs on their route

Top 10 TikToks of Delivery Guys In Love With the Dogs On Their Routes

The dog stereotype of hating delivery workers is over.
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Kitten gets saved from the ledge of a bridge.

TikTok Goes Viral of a Woman Saving a Kitten Off the Ledge of a Busy Bridge

They named her Ducky, ‘cause she’s one lucky duck.
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Cute dog hiccuping is going viral on tiktok

TikTok Is Going Crazy for This Hiccuping Dog

“He's taking screenshots.”
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Animal sanctuary on TikTok goes viral with farm animal routine videos

"Who's Ready To Rumble?": Animal Sanctuary TikTok Shows How They Magically Round Up Animals In the Most Perfect Way

Farm animals can be a little naughty—goats like to climb on everything, pigs are curious creatures always getting dirty, and chickens just do whatever they please. It just looks like a really hard job to do, yet viral TikTok creator Alyssa Barry, aka @alyssasanimalsanctuary, has turned it into an art form. She posts the sanctuary's morning and nightly routines that are always just the cutest. One of the stars of the farm is a pig named Wilbur, who helps her wake up the chickens every morning. H…
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a drama filled article about a tiktoker who left his cat alone with 5 days worth of food and water | thumbnail includes text saying

TikToker Leaves Cat Unsupervised For Five Days: Internet Reacts

Would you do this?
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a hilarious video about a woman trying to smuggle her emotional support lynx on a plane | thumbnail includes two screenshots and the text 'It is not a child! It's not a baby, it's a cat'

Woman Attempts To Take 'Emotional Support Lynx' On Plane

This has got to be a joke...
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video of a man sitting on cat island in Japan and getting surrounded by cats | thumbnail includes a picture of two cats getting petted

Just Sitting On Cat Island And Getting Surrounded By Cats (Video)

Every cat person's dream.
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a series of cute tiktok videos of dogs flipping out with their humans over jump scares| thumbnail includes text saying 'Act like something scared you to your dog'

Pawdorable Dogs Freaking Out Alongside Their Hoomans: Cute TikToks

These Doggos Stay Ready
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cute tiktok videos of dogs waking up | thumbnail includes 3 dogs waking up

TikTok Users Share Their Dogs Morning Routines

Rise And Grind!
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a fox captured laughing on camera | thumbnail includes a picture of the fox being super awwdorable

Awwdorable Fox Laughs Her Heart Out (Video)

Such a foxy girl!
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article about noodle the pug and the no bones day/bones day trend on tiktok | thumbnail includes a photo of noodle the pug and text saying 'It is a bones day, I repeat, IT IS A BONES DAY!'

People Are Letting A Pug Decide How Their Day Goes: Funny No Bones Day Jokes

Today is a Bones Day.
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a video about a husky dog who wants some biscuits talking to his owner | thumbnail is a photo of the dog

Awwdorable Husky Dog Argues With Owner Over Biscuits (Video)

I Can Has Biscuits?
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