Five Interesting Facts About Kenya's National Bird

The Lilac-Breasted Roller is the national bird of Kenya, and it is no secret why! These birds are absolutely beautiful, many consider them to be the most beautiful birds in the world. They boast a diverse pastel color pallet, including vibrant blues, purples, and oranges. Once spotted, it is hard to look away from them as they are completely mesmerizing!

Tsavo Trust, an action oriented, field based, Kenyan not for profit conservation organization, says that: 'As the global pandemic continues, people across the world are finding themselves confined to their houses, running out of ways to entertain themselves. Well, for anyone living in Kenya, it might be the perfect time to go bird-watching. Kenya boasts over 1000 species of bird…However, there is one bird that is inarguably a Kenyan national treasure. Indeed, for many people, this bird is considered a national symbol for Kenya. Yes, that bird is the lilac-breasted roller. The roller is perhaps the only bird in Kenya that, when sighted, provokes as much crooning as the sighting of a lion or cheetah.'

These magnificent birds have got our full attention, lets learn more!

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