I Can Has Cheezburger?


15 images of venus the two faced cat |thumbnail left venus laying on chair looking at camera, thumbnail right venus laying down

A Cat With Two Faces: Meet Venus The Chimera Cat Celebrity

Mystifying Kitty Dazzles World With Unusual Coloration
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venus cat two-face instagram unique videos aww cute beautiful animals cool | cat whose face appears to be split right in the middle between two colorings, one side has black fur and a green eye and the other has ginger fur and a blue eye

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Venus, The Two-Face Cat

This week's spotlight goes to Venus, the two-faced cat!
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Memebase: Double Kitty

batman cat Cats harvey dent kitty venus - 6533111552
Created by SuperAsianMan ( Via Geekologie )

There's Venus on the half shell.....

art caption captioned cat half imitating imitation painting recliner shell there venus - 5598756864
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