I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Spooktober Pusheen: Is Your Cat Really A Vampurr

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Cat Wants Tuna

Vampire cat is prepared to trade eternal life in exchange for some tuna
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Fang You Very Much

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I Didn't Even Get a Cookie Afterward

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Vampire Fruit Bat

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I Vunt to Bite Ur Oreo

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Dog of a Twilight Fan *sigh*

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Not That That's a Huge Challenge

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Still Only Eats Chili Dogs Though

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Hedgehog Needs Hedge Fund.

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And I Resent the Implication

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Totally Looks Like: This Cat Totally Looks Like Bela Lugosi

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This my

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Classics: Now With Favorite Buttons!

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Let a Real Vampire Handle This

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