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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about kitten with Vampire Disease adopted to perfect home | thumbnail includes two pictures of Dracula and Akasha's wonderful owners and one of the cats in a vampire costume

‘Vampire’ Kittens With Rare Condition Who Cannot Be Touched By Sunlight Get Adopted By Purrrfect Pet Parents

It isn’t often two cats in need of a forever home come across the perfect setting, especially when they can’t be touched by sunlight. Although the situation is as rare as their condition, they now can bask in the dusk, happy to be able to begin a journey to what, hopefully, is a long life. A few months ago, two kittens survived a harrowing rescue from the wilds of Oahu, Hawai'i, only to be identified as carriers of erythropoietic porphyria (EPP), a rare hereditary condition often known as "Vamp…
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Spooktober Pusheen: Is Your Cat Really A Vampurr

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Cat Wants Tuna

Vampire cat is prepared to trade eternal life in exchange for some tuna
Via Jiskat

Fang You Very Much

vampire caption Cats - 8749859328
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I Didn't Even Get a Cookie Afterward

animals vampire Blood hedgehog funny captions - 8378627328
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Vampire Fruit Bat

bat juice squee vampire - 8363578880
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I Vunt to Bite Ur Oreo

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Dog of a Twilight Fan *sigh*

costume vampire teeth twilight what breed - 6729124864
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Not That That's a Huge Challenge

kristen stewart vampire hedgehog twilight - 6748716288
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Still Only Eats Chili Dogs Though

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Hedgehog Needs Hedge Fund.

costume vampire cash hedgehog money substitute - 6668652800
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And I Resent the Implication

question costume vampire hedgehog twilight insult interview - 6664251648
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Totally Looks Like: This Cat Totally Looks Like Bela Lugosi

actor cat Cats funny TLL vampire vampires - 6219471104
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This my

impression tongue tongue out vampire whatbreed - 5884081920
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Classics: Now With Favorite Buttons!

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Let a Real Vampire Handle This

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