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A TikTok video and 18 comments about a cat hitting a robot vacuum because it scared him | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a cat hitting a robot vacuum 'he got scared of the robot vacuum and now he gets his revenge'

Cat Is Sick Of Robot Vacuum Scaring The Heebie Jeebies Out Of Him So He Gets His Revenge

Never mess with cat
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original animation of a cat messing around with technology thumbnail includes a picture of a cat making fists at a vacuum cleaner

Meowmoirs: The Vacuum Monster

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relaxing 9 hour video of christmas cat on a roomba moving around

Christmas Purr-fection: BBC Posts 9 Hour Loop Video of a Cat on a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Oh. No.

vacuum cleaner meme Cats funny space - 9330210048
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Restraining Cat: Now is Not the Time for Heroics!

Cats heroes Memes restraining restraining cat vacuum cleaner vacuums - 6234472960
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grandma vacuum vacuum cleaner vacuuming Video wtf - 26927361

VIDEO: Back In My Day, We Used to Clean Cats With a Vacuum!

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confused Popular Videos run away scared startled vacuum vacuum cleaner Video - 26517249

VIDEO: SPR1ZE!!! It's the Evil Vacuum Monster!

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