Unlikely Friendship Between Cat And Snake Go Viral (Tweets)

We've seen a lot of unusal interspecies friendship but can't recall ever seeing this particular bond...

A cat and a snake... friends? Weird, right? Weird but strangely really neat. That's what Twitter user and cat owner @molly7anne thought, too. After sharing a few images of her cat just basking in the sun with a snake, the tweet soon went viral and was flooded with comments and criticism (as always).

Here are a few of the most popular comments: 

cats snake friendship tweets weird cool animals lol twitter | ditch pony @molly7anne why did find my cat hanging out with snake? neither harmed- just basking together 10:17 PM Apr 30, 2020 Twitter iPhone 100K Retweets 597.7K Likes black cat chilling in the street with a snake
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