I Can Has Cheezburger?


12 pictures of cats meeting their puppy siblings for the first time | Thumbnail includes a picture of a man holding a black puppy and an unimpressed cat sitting right next to him, thumbnail also includes a picture of an angry fluffy white cat staring at a fluffy white dog 'My cat when she found out I adopt a puppy"

Cats React To Hoomans Getting A New Puppy (12 Photos)

Spoiler: hated every minute of it
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petting pets unimpressed lol Cats Video - 84705537

Cat Is Totally Unimpressed With His Human's Affection

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excited unimpressed french bulldogs Video - 76303617

What Are You? A Statue?

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Why Don't You Care About Me Bird!

birds unimpressed grumpy - 8422551808
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unimpressed Cats funny Video magic - 59901185

Cats are Not Nearly as Impressed With Magic as Dogs

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No1Curr, Not Even Bunneh

bunnies care unimpressed - 7007058688
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You're a Poor Approximation at Best

cake unimpressed tortoise grumpy - 6910132992
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I'm Kind Of Over It

dont-care unimpressed tootsie pop Owl how many licks - 6653371904
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Let Me Tell You About Lemurs

facts lemurs unimpressed wrong - 6647632384
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Animal Capshunz: You Woke Me Up for This?

annoyed Owl tired unimpressed - 6575122176
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Do Your Duty, Human

demand tortoise unimpressed - 6465739264
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Talk to Me When You Can Fly

bat batman fly unimpressed - 6396887040
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This Game is Pointless

annoyed game horse idiot knights stupid unimpressed - 6428177664
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Deadly Serious

kidding lion scary serious stern unimpressed - 6391828480
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Come On, You're Not Even Trying!

annoying biting game lions tag tail unimpressed - 6364983040
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Unimpressed Frog

frogs meh movies puns unimpressed - 6263866368
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