Mega Collection Of Deogie And Uncle (Wholesome Comics)

Are you ready to fall in love with another comic series? Because we're always ready for such a treat! 

Meet Deogie, pronounced (DEE-OH-JEE), a very wholesome golden lab. Deogie and his pal, Uncle, who is a cat, are inseparable and make the most awesome little duo. The fantastic comic, created by Zach, is about the life of a friendly yellow pup who does his best every day. 

Who wouldn't want to follow that premise? 

@Deogiecomics is simple yet wonderfully wholesome and ridiculous. We can truly imagine the pair in real life. 

deogie comics wholesome cat friendship animals aww cute uplifting adorable art artist web | DEOGIE KNOW YOURE NOT SUPPOSED SNEAK OUT BUT SNEAKING OUT IS FIND BEST STUFF DRANK U UNCLE'S -BBQ ZM3)
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