I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Wow, Where Can We Get One of These Realistic Purrboards?

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Oh, Were You Using This?

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This Dog's Typing Is SO Fast, You Won't Be Able To Actually See His Paws Hit The Keys On His Laptop!

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I Iz Haxz0ring

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Dis's Got To Be a Record Or Sumfin'

typing Cats - 8316609792
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If You Can't Beat'em...Join'em

Cats typing - 8226804992
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This Tortoise Needs a Typing Tutor

baby tortoise typing - 7877463552
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I Won't Allow You Type That Hunt and Peck Joke

birds gifs critters typing funny keyboard - 7613542144
By Unknown

He's a Fan of the Hunt and Peck Method...

typing bird laptop - 7477106432
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I Knew It

computer friend slow turtle typing - 6545581568
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I'm Confused

confused keyboard slow turtle typing - 6521286144
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Cutest Ninja Ever!

cute keyboard ninja teenage mutant ninja turtles Theme Song turtle typing - 6521290752
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Maybe a Different Word Will Work

crap inconvenient keyboard slow small turtle typing - 6516291584
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A LOT Faster, Actually!

faster laughing slow turtle typing - 6506981120
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This is Why We Don't Let Cats Cover Major Sporting Events

cat-like typing Cats computers olympics sports typing - 6500832000
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Animal Memes: Business Cat - No Can Has Inglish!

business Business Cat Cats computers Memes typing work - 5634285312
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