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12 tweets comparing twilight characters compared to dogs | thumbnail picture of edward cullen and dog side by side text "twilight characters as dogs a thread"

Twitter Thread: Twilight Characters As Dogs

We know that it has always been your fantasy and goal in life to see what all of the Twilight characters would look like as dogs, fortunately today we've found the Twitter thread to fulfill the missing puzzle piece to your life. This super silly twitter thread does an excellent job of matching Twilight characters with their doggo counterparts! Every day, we search high and low for the freshest and silliest animal content out there on the interwebs. We find some pretty interesting stuff floating…
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viral twitter thread of Twilight characters as cats | thumbnail includes two pictures including Edward saving Bella from a car and a cat with its paw on a car 'Automotive parking light - TWILIGHT RENAISSANCE @twilightreborn twilight characters as cats - a thread: 2:15 AM Jun 13, 2021 - Twitter Web App 12.4K Retweets 578 Quote Tweets 66.2K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Twilight Characters And Their Cat Counterpurrts

Don't question it, it's hilarious.
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The Turkey Glitters in the Oven Light

twilight food Cats - 8332526848
See all captions Created by Unknown

Still a Better Love Story then Twilight

birds twilight classic - 7635676416
See all captions Created by Unknown

I Can Do Without Their Hammy Acting

twilight pig funny - 7476535296
See all captions Created by icguy34

That's a Hurtful Stereotype

wolves twilight angry - 6857947136
See all captions Created by Grapie-Chan

My face is stuck like this now...

movies twilight what breed - 6786963968
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They Made us All Look Bad

Sad wolves hugging comforting twilight - 6805387264
See all captions Created by Sabra

The Fangirls are Gone

wolves finally over hugging twilight - 6802397184
See all captions Created by scottgardener

Dog of a Twilight Fan *sigh*

costume vampire teeth twilight what breed - 6729124864
See all captions Created by OneSkunkTodd

Not That That's a Huge Challenge

kristen stewart vampire hedgehog twilight - 6748716288
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romance captions twilight love Cats - 6786286592
See all captions Created by derppiette

And I Resent the Implication

question costume vampire hedgehog twilight insult interview - 6664251648
See all captions Created by KarlaMB

We Don't Sparkle

angry barking best of the week Hall of Fame i dare you twilight vampires wolf yelling - 6267005440
See all captions Created by Reika15

Aww Look

aww cute elephant robert pattinson twilight - 6230265344
Created by Unknown

Lolcats: That's a lot of books!

books cat Cats Hall of Fame literature lolcat read reading twilight - 5943457280
See all captions Created by alisaj29
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