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thumbnail of smiling turtle "me seeing my fav person for the 1st time" "me seeing my fav person for the 6385th time"

Turt-ally Shell-arious Turtle Memes

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viral tweets about mom helping to rescue over 1000 turtles thumbnail includes a picture of a car full of turtles and one tweet 'Car - Lara ... @lara_hand My mom is retired, & she spends her winters volunteering at a sea turtle rescue center in south Texas. The cold snap is stunning the local turtles & they're doing a lot of rescues. She sent me this photo today of the back of her Subaru. It's *literally* turtles all the way down. 1:39 AM - Feb 16, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 12.4K Retweets 1,661 '

Retired Mom Helps Rescue Over 1000 Turtles (Viral Tweets)

Such incredible work!
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pictures of white leopard tortoises thumbnail includes two pictures of a white leopard tortoise

Little-Known White Leopard Tortoises Appreciation

They. are. so. cool.
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pictures of tiny turtles thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a huge turtle near a tiny turtle and another of a tiny turtle on top of a huge turtle's head

Teeny-Tiny Turtley Cute Turtles (Pictures)

Itty bitty turtles for itty bitty smiles.
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story about a rare yellow turtle that was spotted for only the second time goes viral on twitter and becomes a meme thumbnail includes two pictures of the yellow turtle

Rare Yellow Turtle That Looks Like Melted Cheese Spikes Twitter Interest

Melted cheese or an egg yolk or a moon pie...
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video of a snapping turtle that came into a family's backyard and left her eggs there and the family helping the eggs hatch and releasing them back into the wild thumbnail includes two pictures including the snapping turtle and one of the hatched eggs with a baby snapping turtle

Family Takes Care Of Eggs Left By Giant Snapping Turtle

Watch these adorable baby turtles hatch and be released into the wild
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A hero

ox90 Sponsored paid for this ad spot because I hate ads. Enjoy this pic of a cute turtle instead. Peace.
Via @ wholesome.memeboy / 0x90
smiling turtle saved from extinction new york times cute adorable aww smile wholesome incredible turtles pics pictures

Smiling Burmese Roofed Turtle, Saved From Extinction

Scientists save a smiling turtle species from near extinction
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images worth 1000 words beautiful photography amazing animals hugging tiger yawn bird turtle fox dolphin dance butterfly frog otter bat seal wow stunning wholesome

Pictures Worth More Than 1000 Words (21 Images)

20 incredible pictures that cannot be captured in few words
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dogs cat dog meme funny cute hilarious turtle owl elephant giraffe alligator tumblr monkey fish memes pics | VERY IMPORTANT STRETCH BEFORE CHASING MAILMEN dog stretching against a wall |  Weeeeeeeeee! cute excited looking turtle tortoise

Collection Of Silly And Fun Animal Memes (27 Memes)

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Sketching Science

which came first the chicken or the egg? graph showing a timeline of eggs already existing before birds with turtles lizards snakes crocodiles and chickens appeared after
Via I waste so much time
turtle eggs tumblr funny wildlife nanny animals lol | ruby-white-rabbit There's turtle my yard laying eggs This bitch really gonna dump her kids on and vamoose not ready be single mom know shit about reptiles

Woman Becomes 'Wildlife Nanny' After Turtle Lays Eggs And Bails (A Thread)

Tumblr user ruby-white-rabbit shared that unexpectedly, an expecting turtle, has laid eggs in her yard.
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two photos of a turtle, the first with its shell damaged and mostly missing, the second with a white artificial shell. an injured turtle receives a new 3d-printed shell.
Via DabneyFarmer
baby turtle plastic sad

Baby Turtle Dies Due To 104 Pieces Of Plastic Being Found In Its Stomach

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Gifs of cute baby animals doing what they do best - be cute. The cover photo is of a baby hedgehog with his face in the floor

Ready To Squee? Baby Animals Are Truly The Best

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how to help turtle hatchlings safely get from their nest to the ocean

These Adorable Turtle Hatchlings Need Help - Here's How To Do Your Bit

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