I Can Has Cheezburger?


collection of facts about tigers | thumbnail includes a picture of turkey 'Bird - GANHAS CHEEZ BURGER Turkeys have been on earth for almost 10 million years. They might have been friends with the Woolly Mammoth!'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: Gobbledy Good Turkey Facts

Laugh and learn.
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Turkeys in new Jersey

Gangs Of Wild Turkeys Are Causing Chaos in New Jersey

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youtube guard crossing crossing the road Turkey amazing turkeys Video - 523270

Turkey Halts Traffic on New Hampshire Road So Others Can Cross

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They Asked for it

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Turkey Day Becomes the New Dooms Day

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I Hear That's What They Had on the First Thanksgiving...

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Funny How That Works

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Thanksgiving Kitteh of teh Day: HAPPY Thanksgiving? Do I Look HAPPY to You?!?!

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Thanksgiving Kitteh of teh Day: I Only Put Up With This Because Later You're Feeding Me Turkey

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