I Can Has Cheezburger?


DIY recipe delicious catnip cookies for cats

DIY Recipes: Make Delicious Catnip Cookies

Yummy cookies for your feline friends!
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A yellow background photo of fish shaped cookies and a text on it that says "how to make delicious fish shaped tuna cookies for your kitties" on it

DIY: Make Delicious Tuna Cookies For Your Cat

The purrfect treat
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The battle of a cat and a can of tuna | tweet by Nowacking *opening can tuna* Cat: Oh my GOD No- Cat: SECOND dinner No, this is m taps with her paw* Cat: Father have provided SeA MEAT Please stop *jumps up on counter Jesus christ Cat am BLESSED dad holy FUCK Please don't- Cat: MEEOOO

Cat Owners Tweet About Their Cats Endless Obsession For Tuna

The Battle of a cat and a can of tuna
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lol cat is passed out from eating too many crisps, truly hilarious
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job interview

blankie cat tuna forget fluff open fast caption - 8999413504
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Roscoe is pleezed dat hims haz a compliant hoomin..

fetch cat tuna sandwich caption bowl - 8977617152
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It tastes tinny, not finny

animals canned cat fresh tuna instead eat caption when - 8966834944
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Maybe You Should Let Me Handle It

tuna food caption Cats dish - 8803362560
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How Did She Know!?

tuna thoughts psychic caption Cats - 8795375104
By catstory

Kitteh's Great Idea

tuna caption Cats - 8773783040
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Wishful Thinking

tuna caption Cats - 8766881792
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An Open Faced Catwich

cat tuna sandwich caption - 8747934976
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At Least A Can For Each Of Us!

animals tuna nap caption Cats funny - 8583532800
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My Food Bowl Is Empty!

tuna food caption Cats funny - 8562471680
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I Was Hoping I Wouldn't Have to Use It

animals cat tuna breath caption - 8436398592
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First Class Shipping Please

address box caption captioned cat fit now Okay tape TO tuna - 5206586624
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