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tumblr thread about large men being scared of and enamored by small animals thumbnail includes a screenshot of the thread 'Text - So this huge scary man with a full beard approaches me like "hey can my buddy and I pet your dog? He gets nervous around dogs but your's is so small I think it's a good place to start." i say yes so he picks him up and puts him on man number two's lap and man number two is abt to freak out and his friend straight up just goes "hey man, it's okay just relax l'd never '

Tumblr Thread: Large Scary Men Scared Of Teeny-Weeny Animals

Overcoming their fears of tiny widdle animals
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tumblr thread about people helping animals and animals trusting them | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - prokopetz Follow I've seen a lot of videos going around of urban-dwelling critters coming to humans for help with various problems, ranging from boxes stuck on their heads to young trapped down a storm drain, and it's gotten me to thinking:'

Tumblr Thread: Humans Are Fae-Folk To Animals

Tumblr animal goodness.
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collection of wholesome tumblr animal posts thumbnail includes a picture of an embarrassed walrus and a human holding a cake made of fish ''

Wholesome Animal Posts On This Fine Sunday Morning

Nothing but animal goodness and positivity.
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tumblr thread about perfect-looking albatross and their funny baby thumbnail includes a pictures of 2 albatrosses and a baby albatross 'Bird - wittyandcharming Follow THESE PARENT BIRDS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL LIKE BIRDY DRAG QUEENS WITH FLAWLESS EYELINER AND THE BABY LOOKS LIKE AN UNFINISHED MUPPET AND I'M DEAD.'

Tumblr Thread: Albatrosses And Their Muppet-Looking Baby

They love it just the way it is.
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collection of funny tumblr posts and threads about animals thumbnail includes a picture of a tiger with the captions 'FACT OF THE DAY: zebras' stripes are not always black and white. sometimes they are black and orange' and 'this is a giraffe' 'Tiger - officialunitedstates FACT OF THE DAY: zebras' stripes are not always black and white. sometimes they are black and orange throwing-lego this is a giraffe Source: officialunitedstates 1,056,997 notes'

Silly And Funny Tumblr Posts About Animals

Iconic and hilarious tumblr animal posts
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wholesome tumblr dog posts thumbnail includes two pictures of a shy dog holding hands with a human 'Dog - tyridot she loves holdin hands but she's a little shy Source: tyridot 389,550 notes ...'

Feelgood Wholesome Doggo Tumblr Posts

Starting the week off on the right paw.
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funny and cute animal tumblr posts thumbnail includes two pictures of a tiger with a yellow floaty around its head 'Yellow - srafandseedpods OH MY GOD one of our tigers did this (and it isn't stuck on his head; one of the keepers went in to see if he needed help and he undid this and redid it on his own a few times) but oh my god hE'S PRETENDING TO BE A LION IM GONNA DIE 656,371 notes ...'

Awwdorably Funny Tumblr Posts For Some Needed Positivity

To end the week on a sweet note <3
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tumblr thread about elephants being the sweetest animals thumbnail includes part of the thread 'Text - and they aren't really "scared of mice" but they will get upset and try really hard to get away from a mouse because (we think) they are really afraid of stepping on the mouse!!! they know they are big and have big stompy feets and they are afraid of stepping on other animals!!!'

Tumblr Thread: Elephants Are The Sweetest Animals

And they think we're cute - scientifically proven.
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tumblr thread about an abused dog getting adopted and learning to bark again thumbnail includes a picture of a dog '"When I got her, she’d been abused and would cower and pee at almost everything, and had been mistreated when she’d barked, so she never would. I had to re-teach her to bark by gathering her whole human pack and having everyone bark and howl and feed her treats and pet her till she got excited enough to join in."'

Tumblr Thread: Dog Previously Mistreated For Barking Learns To Bork Again

Few barks - mostly borks.
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tumblr thread about the differences between big cats thumbnail includes a picture of a cheetah 'Organism - biggest-gaudiest-patronuses Follow cheetahs got dots! little dot dots i want to bop' and a picture of a jaguar 'https://biggest-gaudiest-patronuses.tumblr.com/post/162337381315/ask-me-about-the-difference-between'

Tumblr Thread: Cutely Explaining The Differences Between Big Cats

big dots little dots dots inside of dots
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tumblr thread about a stray kitten getting rescued thumbnail includes two pictures including of a stray scared kitten and another of the same kitten looking happy 'Skin - What a difference a day makes! Took this little guy to the vet, got the fleas and dirt washed off him, got some antibiotics for a slight cold, but he is otherwise fine. Kneading and purring up a storm, eating a lot and being heart-crushingly adorable.'

Tumblr Thread: Saving And Adopting A Helpless Stray Kitten

Covered in burrs and sick, but saved!
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collection of funny tumblr cat posts thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Text - kramergate my cousin's cat was acting really weird today, freaking out and not letting anyone near her, hissing and growling, and it got so concerning they decided to take her to the vet it took two adults to get the cat into the carrier and in the process my aunt got clawed so badly she had to go to the emergency room for shots/stitches, so eventually the cat gets to the vet the vet has to sedate her to take a look'

End The Week With A Treat: Funny Cat Tumblr Posts

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collection of wholesome and positive tumblr posts about animals thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiny worm on someone's hand shedding its skin and another of a tiny worm with its skin shed 'Finger - mysoulonfleek This little lizard jumped on me and started rubbing on my fingers. After some time I realized he was getting rid of his old skin. Mr. Tiny Lizard choosed me to be his "helping-hand" in this important Stage of his life and I feel very honored the-inferno-within This is so fuc'

Positive Tumblr Animal Posts For a Positive Week

Positivity and nothing else!
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tumblr thread about a cat adopting a lynx cub and raising it alongside her kitten thumbnail includes a picture of a cat and a lynx cuddling 'A lynx at the Novosibirsk Zoo refused to feed its cub because it was the runt of the litter. To save the cub's life, a worker brought a domesticated cat that had recently given birth to kittens. As anticipated, the cat accepted the lynx as her own kitten and began nursing her.' as well as a kitten and a lynx nuzzling 'ALSO the mom cat raised the lynx baby'

Tumblr Thread: Cat Adopts Lynx Cub And Raises It Alongside Her Kitten

a loving family
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tumblr thread about Vikings gifting kittens to newlywed brides thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten and a picture of a fully-grown Norwegian forest cat 'Text - prokopetz Follow They kinda live up to the legend, too. Your average Norwegian Forest Cat is twenty pounds of solid muscle, with claws large and strong enough to climb solid rock. They've been known to attack bears when defending their territory. And yet they're one of the cuddliest breeds out there, particularly noted for being pati'

Tumblr Thread: Vikings Gifting Ferocious Kittens To Newlywed Brides

Ferocious kittens for ferocious women.
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tumblr thread about a bird that keeps messing with the dog thumbnail includes a picture of a confused looking dog and the caption 'Text - kingtcholla Follow MY BIRD IS SITTING IN THE TOP CORNER OF HER CAGE CALLING MY DOG’S NAME AND ASKING IF HE WANTS A TREAT AND IF HE WANTS TO GO TO OUTSIDE AND HE'S TOO STUPID TO REALIZE IT’S HER SO EVERYTIME SHE SAYS SOMETHING HE LOOKS AT ME LIKE'

Tumblr Thread: Jerk Parrot Messing With Dog

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