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funny tweets and photos of dogs in pumpkin costumes/ enjoying pumpkin patches | thumbnail includes two photos of a dog with pumpkins and the text 'b Everyone enjoy my pumpkin spice dog for the 1st day of fall'

Puppers 'N Pumpkins: Pawdorable Pictures of Dogs Ready For Halloween

It's October 1st, which means it's almost everyone's favorite holiday ⁠— Halloween. Nothing says fall, and Halloween, like pumpkins. Since September, doggos and kitties have been enjoying fall , and playing in the autumn leaves. That includes every kind of awwdorable animal, from cats chilling out and enjoying fall , to dogs frolicking around in the cold air. But Halloween is truly the time of year when pumpkins, and animals who love pumpkins, get to thrive. From adorable tiny bats to cute cats…
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Best Halloween Trick or Treaters? All signs point to heck yes

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Give Them All The Treats!

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halloween twitter trick or treat - 1099781

Trick or Treaters Were Too Scared to Pet This Guy's Dog and It Broke Both of Their Hearts

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animals cocker spaniel trick or treat caption cocktail - 8580902144
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This Rat Is Getting Ahead of the Competition by Practicing His Trick or Treat Technique Early

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This is Worse than Toothpaste

halloween teeth trick or treat alligators never again sharp - 6666442752
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I Know I Have Ten Legs...Just Gimme A Treat!

costume dress up halloween howl-o-ween pug spider trick or treat - 5269953024
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Reader Squee: Our First Trick-Or-Treater

costume reader squee halloween trick or treat pet squee - 6724459776
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Trick or treat was great this year....

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Trick-or-Treat With Cheezburger: And the Winner Is...

halloween trick or treat Memes Grumpy Cat costumed critters g rated - 6726475264

Trick or Treat

treats halloween trick or treat bucket walrus squee - 6720644352
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halloween trick or treat corgi happy jumping - 6684915456
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Cheezburger's Trick-or-Treating is Happening Now!

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Double and Triple Check!

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The Ultimate Trick

choose Death evil trick trick or treat - 6578497792
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