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video of a man giving lions a tick treatment | thumbnail includes a picture of a man holding a spray bottle and rubbing up against a lion

Tick Treatment For Lions: Aiming A Spray Bottle At Big Cats (Video)

Spraying big cats does not sound like the safest idea lol
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video of elephant receiving skin treatment | thumbnail left elephant being scrubbed, thumbnail right elephant in water

Squad Of Vets Explain Elephant's Special Skin Treatment (Video)

Elephants are beautiful and majestic creatures! Their intensely large size shows everyone that they are not to be messed with! Their big floppy ears are nothing short of awwdorable. These gentle giants never fail to make us smile. Elephants seem to really enjoy their bath/water time! Even in this case, when bath time is accompanied by a healing skin treatment. The vet team uses a special type of tree bark to bath the elephant, almost using it as a substitute for soap. They carefully massage theā€¦
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10 images of cats with bee stings | thumbnail left white and orange cat with swollen paw, thumbnail right grey and white cat laying down with swollen paw being held by human hand

The Bees Are Back In Town: Next Stop Cats

How To Take Care Of Your Cat Post Bee Sting
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treatment hospital cancer lion - 8356869

Lion Has Radiation Treatment For Skin Cancer At a Private Human Hospital In Africa

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treatment broken leg hamster Video - 96782849

How To Treat An Hamster With a Broken Leg

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tips holding treatment vet Cats Video - 91536129

Veterinarian Demonstrates How To Pick Up a Cat Like a Pro

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Barry's phobia treatment

afraid caption captioned cat phobia sing singing song started tabby treatment until - 4773649664
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