I Can Has Cheezburger?


cats sitting in boxes and any piece of cardboard

Box Cat Trap Works Every Single Time (20 pics)

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Funny pics of how to trap a cat by making an area for which they jump into with just about any material.

This Easy Trick Will "Trap" Your Cat Every Single Time

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All Computers Should Come With a Box.. Oh, Wait. They Do.

box cat trap next to computer
Via dailypicdump

Booby Trap!

funny animal image of dog caught on bra
Via txberg

Ambush predator

scary trap sand lizard - 8568449536
Created by tamaleknight
caught trap Video - 77366273

It's A Trap!

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Cat Assists in Minature Golf

gif cat trap - 8545032448
beagle Video maymo trap - 76794625

Attaining Meat Is Not For the Faint Of Heart

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That Wasn't Well Planned

boxes gifs trap Cats - 8441102080
Created by anselmbe

A Taste of Your Own Menaces

rats revenge trap human - 8376855808
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

Some Cats are Smarter Than Others

Cats if i fits i sits trap - 8360405760
See all captions Created by Unknown

Heeeere Hedgie Hedgie Hedgie!

Cats hedgehog trap SOON - 8350364160
See all captions Created by jennybookseller

It'll Be Worth it!

bacon funny trap - 8043322112
See all captions Created by onefinekitty

At Least He'll be Safe from the Raccoon in There

FAIL trap raccoon funny - 7851199488
Created by Unknown

Is The Dog's Name 'Bait'?

trap - 7769299712
Created by Unknown

Leave Me To My Fortress of Solitude!

gif cat trap fort - 7686148864
Via https://www.facebook.com/Ashquatch
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