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imgur thread about training cats | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat 'Training, if done properly, can be extremely enriching and beneficial to a cat (or any other animal).  Don't listen to anyone who tells you cats can't be trained- they absolutely can, and I know because I've done it adrianontherocks'

An Easy-To-Understand Guide To Training Cats From A Feline Behaviorist

Your friendly neighborhood feline behaviorist is at it again.
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15 screenshots from a reddit post of someone venting about the danger of social media | Thumbnail includes screenshot of part of reddit post 'Social media "dog pros" are dangerous, I feel awful because she does support a lot of good things, like say no to doodles and enriching your dog, exercising them, and not allowing your dog off leash without perfect recall. But these two major focuses of her account really seem dangerous to me and it's a trend I notice a lot on social media. There are'

Redditors Discuss The Dangers Of Social Media And Pro-Dog Influencers

Influencers influencing
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14 screenshots from Reddit discussion about ignorant strangers provoking reactive dogs | thumbnail includes screenshot from reddit discussion 'Ignorant strangers make training difficult Vent, I am SO upset right now but so proud of my dog who usually lunges, snarls and acts terrified. She was relatively well behaved for having some random dog come right up into her space WITH OUR BABY AROUND. She got lots of head scratches for being a good pup. I cannot comprehend why some people'

Owners Of Reactive Dogs Vent About Ignorant People Who Provoke Their Pups Outside

It's doggo discussion time
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30 screenshots of dogs from twitter thread | thumbnail includes two photos of two golden retrievers 'In case anyone needs to see a puppy today, here is my puppy. Her name is Marigold and she really likes our older dog.'

30 Treats Of Doggo Goodness: A Twitter Thread Of Dogs Saying Herro

Anyone ordered some cute dogs to obsess over?
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Reddit thread of users discussing whether their dogs like to eat vegetables | thumbnail includes blue background with screenshot from reddit thread 'Today, I found a pile of celery in various stages of decomposition under a rack in the storage room. The little shit has been taking his celery and hiding them, then running back for his treat. He immediately booked it after he saw I found his stash and called him over. Now he won't even look at me like HE'S the one offended.'

Crafty Doggo Figures Out A Way To Not Eat His Vegetables Yet Still Get A Treat

Dog vs. Vegetable
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Compilation of five tiktok videos of dogs using dog buttons to speak to their owners | thumbnail includes three screenshots of tiktok videos with three dogs using dog buttons ‘RELEASE THE GOODS! Treat! Treat! Treat! *ball* *ball*’

TikTok Trend Inspires Dog Owners To Teach Their Dogs To Talk Via Dog Buttons

Just a few doggos learning how to speak. Nothing unusual.
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Facebook comments about people accidentally training their pets to do silly things | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat in a shower and one Facebook comment ''Cat - Deanna Gardam Just once I ran a bit of water in the bath for my cat to drink. Now he demands it every day! 108 Like Reply Hide Send Message 1d Edited

Funny Things People Accidentally Trained Their Pets To Do: ICanHas Edition

All it takes is one time.
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thread about choosing pets over parenting kids | thumbnail blue background  text " But the reason I realised I didn't want kids now is because, as the woman in the relationship, I picked up so much more of the care for the dog. All the training, getting up early for toilet trips, making sure his food was defrosted, every damn thing was down to me. I nearly lost a client due to lack of sleep/barking training/ having a hard time coping (I'm freelance). "

Redditors Discuss How Owning Dogs Influenced Their Decision To Not Have Kids

Thought provoking
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14 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background "Also, as a dual citizen (USA/europe): I don't think a lot of foreigners have any idea how large some American houses are, and American houses were obsessed with "open spaces" for DECADES where houses just didn't have walls built in main living areas, or the walls were actively taken out. It can be large and intimidating for dogs and they have nowhere to go and want a "cave" -- crate's are great for that."

European Confused By Americans Crate Training Their Dogs, American Redittors Shed Some Light

Redditors exchange doggo culture info
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13 tweets cat training advice | thumbnail blue background text tweet "BrooklynDad_Defiant! @mmpadellan SERIOUS QUESTION: How the hell do I stop my cat from climbing onto the dining room table? She is defiant AF. 1:29 PM · Feb 12, 2022 · Twitter Web App"

Twitter User Seeks Cat Training Advice After His Cat Develops Penchant For Dining Room Table

Hooligans, can't be tamed, or can they?
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13 cat and text based images | thumbnail image of cat with title "tips for create training your cat"

Nifty Tips And Tricks For Crate Training Your Cat

Hello to all of our cat loving friends, cat ownership is no joke! Our cats are our children and we want only the very best for them. Imgur User and feline behaviorist "adrianaontherocks" is using Imgur as a platform to educate and answer questions about all things feline behavior. "Hi Imgur, I'm your friendly neighborhood feline behaviorist. If you're having a cat behavior issue, or are just curious about something cat-related, feel free to ask me about it and I'll see if I can help you out." T…
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list of discussion on letting dogs lead on walks | thumbnail blue background text " I guess where it makes a difference is if you have a reactive and/or scared dog. It can help them mentally if you are leading. They may feel relief that you are in charge, so to speak. I dogsat an elderly Chihuahua for a month and it was visibly more comfortable in a follower position on walks. It also makes a difference if the dog tends to pull on the leash or"

Discussion: Letting Your Dog Lead On Walks And How It Affects Their Behavior

Doggo owners and lovers, we came across a discussion today that you might just relate to! Daily walks are a big part of the doggo training process. You give your dog both verbal and physical cues to help explain what you expect from them. A big part of dog training during these walks also come from you, the doggo owner, managing your dog's behavior by leading the walk. Reddit user and OP has decided that he's had enough with attempting to lead his dog on walks, and has decided to just allow his…
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funny Amazon reviews of talking buttons for dogs | thumbnail includes a picture of talking buttons for dogs and one amazon review of them 'Font - Halli Verified Purchase I too taught my dog to demand food with these buttons. Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2019 I bought these after learning about their usefulness in training animals to communicate by hitting the button. What a fascinating idea. My dog already knew the words when I spoke them, but had no way to let me know exactly w'

Funny Amazon Reviews Of Talking Buttons For Dogs

Careful what you teach them lol
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video of a Chinese ex-soldier training a cat to do tricks thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat sitting on a tree with a man pointing at his shoulder and another of a cat hopping onto his owner's shoulder

Chinese Ex-Soldier Trains His Amazing Cat To Perform Tricks (Video)

Insanely impressive.
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tumblr posts about pet training not going the way it was expected thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - the-sky-traveler my brother is teaching his cat how to high five by giving her a treat every time she successfully taps her hand to his hand, which is all well and good, but now she thinks that she is entitled to food every time she high fives someone. i can't eat in the same room as her anymore because she'll just bap my hand rapid fire and then go nyoom straight in for my pizza like no'

Training Pets Gone Hilariously Wrong (Tumblr Posts)

Cats: deliberately learning the wrong lesson.
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posts about working dogs thumbnail includes a picture of a police dog with shoes on 'A friendly bomb sniffing pupper at Congress wearing booties to protect his paws from broken glass u/StartRunMspaint'

Giving Thanks To Professional Dogs Hard At Work

Thank you for all your hard work, cuties <3
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