I Can Has Cheezburger?


cow new york Video traffic - 7974405

Cow On The Loose Holds Up Traffic in New York City And Refuses To Mooove

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family Video gorilla traffic - 95849217

Watch This Gorilla Dad Stops Traffic To Cross Road With His Family

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russia bear Video jam traffic - 90444289

Just Another Day In Russia: a Bear In a Traffic Jam

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australia fight koala Video traffic - 89350401

Only In Australia: Traffic Held Up By Koala Fight

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elephant Video traffic - 356103

It's Not Everyday That an Elephant Holds up Traffic, but It Does Happen

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news manatee Video traffic - 81964801

Mating Manatees Caused Traffic Problems in Florida Because Of Course

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Hey, that's what Mondays are for!

things stuck never traffic - 8742203904
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The Cutest Sloth Got Arrested for Jaywalking

cute sloth image The Cutest Sloth Got Arrested for Jaywalking
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Just a Little Antler Bender

animals Canada antlers deer traffic - 8472389376
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reindeer Finland funny Video traffic - 63338497

ReindeerCon in Finland is Causing a Traffic Jam

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I Told Him to Wait for the Light...

danger funny squirrels traffic - 7967267072
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Close Call

cute traffic - 7586330112
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Mr. Squirrelface, School Crossing-Guard

accident school traffic - 6554574336
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Shell to Feeler traffic!

rush hour shell slow snails traffic - 6267559680
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We're Gonna Get Through This Together

crossing the road ducks group holding up joke old joke traffic - 6220768512
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U Mad?!?

crossing the road hours sloth slow traffic troll - 6205773568
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