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New "Unofficial" Study Released On Toy Mice Statistics

Cats and their toys! How many dollars have we all spent on our beloved felines? Too many to count or even think about. And after spending all that money on buying them all kinds of different toys, what do they end up playing with? Hair ties, a sock, a Q-tip, a straw, whatever you accidentally drop on the ground and think of as "trash" is literally their new-found treasure

One toy each cat can at least enjoy is the classic mouse toy. You purchase a handful because you know just how much your cat loves them and then in the span of less than a week... they all vanish! How can this be? 

Well, let's dig into it! In collaboration with Israeli artist, Ilana Zeffren, we look into the scientific facts behind cats and their toy mice. 

And if you want more cat enjoyment, be sure to check out last week's installment: Mirror Mirror: Cats Truly Are The Fairest of Them All.

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