I Can Has Cheezburger?


A YouTube video about the story of Duo, a rescued kitten with two faces | Thumbnail includes a screenshots a screenshot of a small black two faced kitten and a screenshot of the same kitten but older

Abandoned By Her Mother For Having Two Faces, Duo The Kitten Miraculously Survives And Gets Adopted (Video)

She is the definition of a miracle
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an incredible video about two bears reuniting for the first time after being injured in a fire | thumbnail includes a photo of the two bear cubs with their mother

Two Bear Cubs Reunite After Surviving Forest Fire (Video)

Bear-y cute!
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video of a cat gently pulling away when a person touches its paw thumbnail includes a picture of a cat sleeping and a human touching the cat

Cat Politely Declines Having Its Toe Beans Touched (Video)

pwease no
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animal pics and the story behind it -  thumbnail of people on the beach creating a path for newborn sea turtles "These people formed a living corridor to help the newborn sea turtles get to the water without being carried away by the seagulls."

Animal Photos And The Touching Stories Behind Them

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Video of a story about a dog and man which is a commercial for organ donation.

The Story About The Man And The Dog

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Must. Touch. Pastry.

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friends friendship horse love pit bull pitbull playing puppy sweet touching Video - 16283137

VIDEO: Puppy and Horse in Love

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Babies cute elephant rescue touching Video love - 62474497

The Reunion of a Baby Elephant and its Family After Being Rescued Will Touch Your Heart

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dolphin scuba touching Video rescue - 59211521

An Heroic Effort to Help a Bottlenose Dolphin in Distress

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Always One for Technicalities

crime scene trolling touching squirrels - 7069725440
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A Very Vegetarian Thanksgiving

deer friends friendship heartwarming Interspecies Love touching Turkey - 5555685632
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corgi touch touching what is that - 5858248960
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Classic Squee: Better Than Laying With a Lion

baby classic elephant friends friendship heartwarming Interspecies Love lamb sheep touching Valentines day - 5835587840
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baby bat Growing Hall of Fame heartwarming recovery story touching Video - 32540673

VIDEO: Rockabye Baby Bat

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Reader Squees: Little Noms

baby cat drinking Hall of Fame heartwarming kitten nomming noms reader squees tiny touching - 5670271232
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Reader Squees: Your Digits Are Fascinating!

cat curious fascinated Hall of Fame hand paw reader squees touching - 5652548608
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