I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of two tigers getting rescued after being held captive for fifteen years and touching grass for the first time | thumbnail includes two pictures including two tigers in a cage and a tiger panting happily outside

After 15 Years Of Being Stuck In Train Car, 2 Abused Tigers Get Rescued And Touch Grass For First Time (Video)

A happy ending to a heartbreaking story.
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video tiger cubs born of endangered species | thumbnail siberian tiger with cubs

Fiercely Feline: Critically Endangered Siberian Tiger Cubs Born (Video)

Hurrah! Welcome to the world lil cuties
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video of a tiger cub meeting her dad for the first time | thumbnail includes a picture of a tiger cub approaching a tiger

Tiger Cub's Reaction To Meeting Her Dad For The First Time (Video)

Slowly and carefully.
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video of a tiger mom giving birth to five tiger cubs | thumbnail includes a picture of a tiger and five tiger cubs

Tired Tiger Momma Gives Birth To Quintuplets (Video)

Just look at her poor face lol.
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collection of facts about tigers | thumbnail includes a picture of a white tiger 'Bengal tiger - Tigers are the true king of the jungle. They're bigger, ICANHAS BURGER stronger, and heavier than all other cats (including lions). Plus, they really do live in the Asian jungle'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: It’s The Eye Of The Tiger

Laugh and learn.
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a list of funny tiger memes | thumbnail includes two memes with the text saying 'gonna tell my kids this was Joe exotic' and 'lost at poker last night, that's the last time I play with a cheetah'

Terrific Tiger Memes That Are Ferociously Funny

We're roaring with laughter.
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13 images story of tiger was relocated to sanctuary celebrating first birthday | thumbnail tiger in sanctuary playing with pinata with two presents wrapped and pumpkin, text "tiger rescued from freezing backyard cage celebrates 1st birthday at sanctuary"

Tiger Rescued From Freezing Backyard Cage Celebrates 1st Birthday At Sanctuary

Elsa celebrates her birthday in style
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video of wildcats eating watermelon | thumbnail left tiger with watermelon, thumbnail right jaguar with watermelon

Wild Felines Try Watermelon (Reaction Video)

Summertime is here and that means fun in the sun and delicious watermelon is on deck! Check out their reactions of these wildcats when they are given a whole heckin watermelon, and see who liked them! The creators of this video, Big Cat Rescue is an non-breeding sanctuary dedicated to ending the abuse of cub petting and private possession of big cats. Hey, we can get behind that! It's pretty hard not to like something as delicious as a cool refreshing watermelon . These big cats certainly seem …
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18 images of various wild cats | thumbnail left picture lion mom and cub, thumbnail right picture tiger with teeth out

Dangerously Cute Felines: Wildcats

Hardcore Cuties
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cute pictures of wild cats | thumbnail includes two pictures including a snow leopard mid-jump and a lion mom licking her cub's face

Big Cats Being As Pawdorable And Silly As Kittens (Pics)

We love ALL cats equally.
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baby tiger cub glow up into beautiful tiger - thumbnail of cute baby tiger cub

Tiger's Glow-Up From Awdorable Cub To Majestic Beauty (Video)

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story about an abandoned pet tiger finding a forever home thumbnail includes two pictures including on of a caged tiger and one of a free tiger

Rescued 'Pet' Tiger Finds Forever Home At Wildlife Sanctuary

Finally, she's chuffing and happy and possibly in love.
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pictures of tiger cubs thumbnail includes two pictures of tiger cubs including one of a tiger cub playing in a puddle and another of a tiger cub yawning

Ferocious But Smol Tiger Cubs

Too dangerous to pet? ...are you sure?
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tumblr thread explaining the differences between big wild cats thumbnail includes two pictures including a clouded leopard on a tree and a Eurasian lynx 'So, big cat can mean something different to everyone, but let's learn a little bit more about each of the cats listed above'

Informative Tumblr Thread About The Differences Between Big Cats

Big cats and their even bigger personalities.
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pictures of tigers covered in snow thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiger sleeping in the snow and a tiger on its back covered in snow

Frosty Magic With Chill Tigers Covered In Snow

chilling with chill tigers
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pictures of big cats with their tongues out doing the blep thumbnail includes two pictures including a lion with its tongue out doing the blep and a snow leopard with its tongue out doing the blep

Adorable Big Cats Can Do The Bleps Too

They're all just kitties at heart
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