Tumblr Dog Positivity And Nothing Else

Another week coming to an end, another week starting, and we would probably all prefer to stay snuggled in our blankets and bask in the freedom of Sunday a little longer. Maybe you're still in bed now even. Regardless, with the start of a new week, one needs a new energy boost as well, and this week, we're bringing you that positivity all the way from tumblr

Only tumblr, only dogs, and only positivity. That's exactly what you need to start your week off on the right paw and to make sure that the entire week passes pawsitively and quickly. So, enjoy, dog lovers, and have a dogtastic week!

wholesome and positive tumblr posts about dogs thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Text - ryoubakvra most blessed social interaction of the day? there was a dog in the car next to me at a stop light and his owner noticed me cooing over him so she rolled the window down and i rolled mine down and she shouted "HIS NAME IS CHECKERS!" and i said "HI CHECKERS!" and checkers, that amazingly good boy, lit up like a christmas tree and wagged his beautiful tail Source: ryoubakvra 189,896 notes'
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