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thread about a person helping a kitten and then the kitten bringing her whole family over | thumbnail includes two pictures including a black kitten and a bunch of kittens sitting on a driveway 'I went out, ready for work, when I saw a small calico under my car. It's about 100⁰F with high humidity, so I turned around to go get water for her. I saw this little cutie just hanging out under the bush by my feet DillPixels'

Person Helps Out One Kitten, Kitten Brings Her Whole Family Over And Chooses The Human For Herself

An awwdorable thread.
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17 reddit text and cat outside images | thumbnail when people ask why I walk my cat, three panel images of cat wearing harness outside in grass and greenery, in sun

Cat Owning Redditors Compare Their Cats' Desires For Walks, Harnesses, And The Great Outdoors

We love a cat walk, meow
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viral twitter thread about getting a cat off a roof over and over | thumbnail includes a picture of a man lifting a chair toward a cat that is stuck on the roof and one tweet 'Font - Ben S. Hyland @Ben_S_Hyland My wife persuaded me to get a cat on the grounds they're independent and take care of themselves. Anyway, here's a picture of me helping Bobby off the shed roof after he got stuck. Again. ...'

Twitter Thread: Cat Continues To Get Stuck On The Roof Plus Other Pets Rethinking Their Choices

Been there, done that.
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thread about the wolf cat | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cats that looks like they have wolf genes

Meet The Wolf Cat: A Cat With A Natural Genetic Mutation And Pawsome Traits

Also known as Lykoi.
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imgur thread about a kitten getting rescued from inside of a car | thumbnail includes two pictures including a man holding a kitten and a kitten sleeping 'This feisty little dude stowed away in the fender of a neighbor's car somewhere in Ainkawa. I heard him through the open window crying one night and went out to investigate gesel'

Feisty Kitten That Was Stuck Inside A Car Cried Out For Help For Days, Got Rescued By Kind Neighbors

Spicy yet wholesome.
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12 twitter belp pictures cats | thumbnail image of three cats in a row with tongues out "post your cat with their tongue sticking out"

Twitter Thread: Cat Owners Show Off Their Feline Friends' Best Bleps

Meow for more
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twitter thread about a bobcat kitten and mom coming to visit someone's backyard | thumbnail includes two pictures of a bobcat and a bobcat kitten playing and one tweet '@RobbinsTmr1106 Sweet bobcat mama and kitten! Lots of entertainment in my backyard this morning…'

Bobcat Mom And Kitten Come Hang Out In A Person's Backyard: Viral Twitter Thread

Must resist the urge to pet.
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thread about how to socialize feral cats | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat 'An unsocialized kitten is one who, either through lack of exposure or negative experiences, does not understand or like humans. They are scared of people and may hiss, scratch, or try to bite if they are cornered. If they continue to grow up without much human contact, they will become a feral adult cat. However adrianontherocks'

Carefully Getting An Unsocialized Cat To Trust And Love Humans: A Quick Guide

Unsocialized kittens deserve a chance too.
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twitter thread about funny cat behaviors that humans can't do | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - sarah schauer @sarahschauer love that cats get irritated and walk away after you accidentally move 1 inch. what if you saw someone eating and they fumbled with their napkin and you just went "ugh" and left the restaurant 1:07 AM - Jun 8, 2022 Twitter for iPhone 1,331 Retweets 49 Quote Tweets 20.7K Likes :'

Twitter Thread: Purrfectly Acceptable Cat Behaviors That Are Unacceptable When Humans Do Them

For sOMe reason, we can't do it smh
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story about a cat getting rescued and having kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat and a bunch of kittens 'We took in a little guy who couldnt stay at his home due to allergies a while ago. He found a loving home in the house of a family member of ours. He even got a girlfriend and became a dad recently. I proudly present nardam'

Awwdorable Cat Gets Rescued, Finds A Girlfriend And Becomes A Cat Dad Of Three (Thread)

A story of nothing but wholesomeness.
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10 reddit text images | thumbnail cat sleeping on green crocheted couch text " Hope this fits the sub: my cat snoozing on a sofa I crocheted for her"

Cat Loving Human Crochet's Cozy Couch For Cat, Redditors Paws To Appreciate The Craftsmanship And Adorability

Pawesome and cozy
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twitter thread about a cat making a hammock out of an ottoman and funny places people found their cats | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat sitting inside of an ottoman and one tweet 'Vertebrate - ... *delanie **- @FrickinDelanie just found out my ottoman is destroyed because this man decided to turn it into a hammock 5:41 AM - Jun 2, 2022 Twitter for iPhone . 22.8K Retweets 2,164 Quote Tweets 363.1K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Cat Turns Human's Ottoman Into Hammock And Other Funny Places People Found Their Cats Hiding In

They're not lost, don't worry, they're just inside the couch.
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imgur thread about someone leaving a crate full of kittens on a woman's porch and her rescuing them | thumbnail includes two pictures including one of three kittens and one of a black kitten 'Asking around with my neighbors I learned that a woman had been seen dumping the kittens Sunday evening meaning the kittens had been trapped in that crate for at least 12 hours with no food or water lessisqueenofmice'

Woman Dumps 5 Kittens In A Crate On A Neighbor's Porch, But Thankfully There's A Happy Ending

Thank goodness the neighbor has such a huge heart <3
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imgur thread about a kitten sitting on someone's porch until her got adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures including an orange cat on a sink and an orange cat lying on its back 'About a week ago we noticed an odd cat turn up on our property, turn around, and leave. A week later this lovely fella stumbled onto our porch looking beaten and hungry. bullydogs'

Hungry Cat Decides It's Done With Street Life, Shows Up On Family's Porch And Promptly Adopts Them

"A week later this lovely fella stumbled onto our porch looking beaten and hungry..."
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imgur thread about a kitten getting rescued from underneath a truck | thumbnail includes two pictures of a black kitten 'Wife heard squeaking while on a walk Tuesday evening, thought it was a bird... Little fella was jammed between the underside of the bed and (I think) the cat converter. (Pun intended.) prfesser'

Tiny 'Spicy' Kitten Gets Rescued From Underneath A Truck, Is Looking For Warm Forever Home

"Wife heard squeaking while on a walk Tuesday evening, thought it was a bird..."
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12 reddit images | thumbnail image of angry looking super fluffy cat sitting on man's lap, text "My cat who is not a “social” kitty, and in ten years has never once laid on my lap...tonight we broke barriers."

Sweet Stories Of Senior Cats Becoming More Cuddly With Age

They grow finer and more cuddly with age
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