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12 reddit text images aita telling family that they cannot rename dog | thumbnail blue background, right corner german shephard animation, text "that that dog already has a name that was given to him by his owner and they should respect that. Pluse all his legal papers are under the name Willy but I was surprised when they said they took care of that legally...like how... I told them they had no permission from to rename the dog point blank period. but they argued that willy is theirs now"

Unreasonable Man Re-Homes Dog, Flips Out When He Discovers Dog's Name Will Be Changed

Not a good look
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15 tweets with images | thumbnail four images of wildcat in snow three photoshopped tweet "Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation @OKWildlifeDept YOU are cold. They have fur. Do not let inside. 4:37 PM · Jan 20, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 12.9K Retweets 6,488 Quote Tweets 115.3K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Warning Against Letting Wildcats Into Homes Turns Into Meme Battle

All aboard the laugh train
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12 reddit text images, tell me you love your dog without telling me you love your dog | thumbnail blue background, dog peeing graphic right corner bottom, text "Stood outside in close to zero temperatures to collect his urine (vet request). Crouched below the dog with a basin to catch it and then had to kneel on the sidewalk with a syringe to get it into a vial. All of this accomplished on a sidewalk in front of my building. If that isn't love for your dog, I don't know what is!"

Reddit Thread: Dog Owners List Off All Heartwarming Reasons They Love Their Pooches

Wholesome goodness
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11 reddit text based images instances of dogs building trust with humans | thumbnail light blue background text " She woke me up at 3am screaming. I thought she was hurt, so I ran her outside and she peed. I've had her less than a year and her previous owners abused her so bad that she lost control of her bladder. The vets said nothing physical was wrong with her, so they told me it was probably a behavioral thing after so much abuse. I kept her in a diaper and she just peed constantly"

Heartwarming Instances Of Rescue Dogs Building Trust With Their Humans: Reddit Thread

Truly heartwarming
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stories of people breaking up with their a-hole partners instead of ditching their pets | thumbnail includes text saying ' I remember him saying my diabetic cat needed to go so he could get a dog. We weren't even living together. I looked him dead in the eyes and said. "My cat will outlive this relationship" considering she was really sick at the time he said it was unlikely and stormed off. We broke up 6 years ago and my cat is still going strong.'

People Who Chose Their Pets Over Their Exes Recount What Happened

Dogs Before Dates
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12 reddit text images mistakes people made with dogs } thumbnail blue background text "I went out to pick up some delicious Indian takeout last night, and took my dog along because he loves car rides.hen we got home, I went to do the usual getting out of the car routine: except there was no leash"

Dog Owners Confess Stupid Mistakes They've Made That Somehow Didn't End In Disaster

Confession time, it's all good things worked out
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viral twitter thread about someone making an army of snow ducks | thumbnail includes two pictures including a snowball maker toy and a whole lot of snow ducks and one tweet 'Product - woahh mann @ashhhhhhole this is the best day of my life 8:44 PM - Jan 15, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 91.5K Retweets 8,701 Quote Tweets 953K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Woman Builds An Army Of Snow Ducks And Goes Viral

this girl truly has her ducks in a row.
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12 reddit images thread dog altercation good boy | thumbnail blue background text "I ran home (note not a runner by any stretch of the imagination), trying to remember where I left my car keys so I could grab them and go out looking for my dog. I finally made it to my building and who's there, sitting on my patio patiently waiting to get back in? The goodest good boy in the whole world. A little extra clingy, but otherwise fine."

Reddit Thread: Good Boy Doggo Waits For Human At Home After Altercation With Bigger Dog

The goodest good boi thread
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Alison Fitzgerald Kodjak @alikodjak CLU This is my dog protesting leaving the dog park today"11 twitter thread images thread of dogs protesting | thumbnail background dog laying down in protest on street "

Twitter Thread: Dogs Who Have Had Enough Lying Down In Protest

They've had more than enough
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tumblr thread about a story of a women choosing to marry the one who can catch her cat thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - keuhkopussirotta Follow Story idea: The most wanted woman in town has announced that she'll only marry the one who can open her front door with the key around her cat's neck. Many men try to hunt the cat down, chase and trap it, but to no avail, the cat is simply too quick, smart and clever, and always finds a way to evade and avoid them.'

Tumblr Thread: Prompt About A Woman And The Cat With A Key Around Its Neck

Full of unexpected plot twists.
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12 reddit text images dog custody battle | thumbnail blue background dog bottom right corner text "Dog custody in break up [Help] My live in boyfriend and I are breaking up, and moving out of our shared apartment. Our dog adores both of us, and we each adore our dog. Our dog likes routine and does not like moving between different locations."

Couple Seeks Advice On Dog Custody Debacle After Recent Break Up: Reddit Thread

Custody battle doggo edition
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12 reddit thread images of text and cat | thumbnail left image of cat with party hat standing up, thumbnail right image of chonky cat standing up text "Posted by u/selfdestructvoice 15 hours ago 25 30 3 27 15.6k Meet Beanbag! Our senior foster-fail is on a dechonking journey. Clearly, I am a heartless human for resisting her begging."

Senior Cat Foster Fail Shows Off Dechonkification Transformation: Reddit Thread

Dechonkification of Beanbag
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11 text reddit images from thread on woman seeking advice | thumbnail blue background with small animated dog in right bottom corner, text "Although my partner and I will be covering the costs of the operation - which are going to be quite high- my family has been saying very hurtful things about it. "Why waste all that money a dog". "

Woman Seeks Advice On How To Deal With Family Members Who Say 'Why Waste So Much Money, It’s Just A Dog'

It's a subject that we need to talk about
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viral tweets of people sharing stories of finding their cats in random weird places thumbnail includes one tweet 'Text - Dr Kelly @KellyQuilt Took in a parcel for my neighbour across the road earlier. I just went to his house to tell him, he opened the door and there was one of my cats, sitting on his chair all comfy. 8:41 PM · Dec 4, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone 4.6K Retweets 1K Quote Tweets 150.5K Likes'

Twitter Users Share Funny Stories Of Finding Their Cats In Weird Places

some hilarious viral cat tweets
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14 images twitter thread orange cats funny faces | thumbnail left and right orange cats making funny faces, text "@TransfemCaracal orange cats make the funniest faces "

Twitter Thread: Silly Orange Cats Making The Funniest Faces

Pawesome tabby cats make the silliest faces
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heartwarming stories about acts of kindness from pets | thumbnail includes a photo of a cat and the text saying '

Reddit Shares The Kindest Thing Pets Have Done

Pets Are Incredible
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