I Can Has Cheezburger?


20 mischievous cats stealing | thumbnail left cookie with paw, thumbnail right cat with piece of bread in mouth

Kleptomaniac Kittehs Stealing Anything They Can Get Their Paws On

Adorably sneaky
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14 text based images discussion of dogs stealing food | thumbnail text "I was once reheating a steak l'd taken home from a restaurant. Full NY strip. I'd only taken a couple bites. I took it out of the pan (heating on stovetop), set it on plate, went to the sink to wash my hands, with my back to the steak across the kitchen. I turned around less than 15 seconds later and it was gone. Next to the counter was a very happy looking Puggle, licking her lips. She was only about a foot high, "

Instances Of Sneaky Doggos Stealing Human Food And Ruining Human Dinner Plans

If you're a dog owner you know the first rule of doggo owning is NEVER LEAVE YOUR FOOD UNATTENDED. However, we are just humans after all, and sometimes things slip our mind…and then food “slips” into our doggos mouths'. Despite our conscious efforts to be alert and attentive, we ain't perfect ad our imperfections result in some super delicious meals for our mischievous pups. Folks took to reddit to tell their silliest dinner thief stories, and some of them really had us going. Doggos are so won…
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video of wild cockatoos biting kangaroos' tails and stealing their food | thumbnail includes a picture of a cockatoo biting the tail of a kangaroo

Australian Jerk Cockatoos Biting Kangaroos' Tails And Stealing Their Food (Video)

Jerks smh.
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tumblr thread about a tegu stealing blueberries | thumbnail includes two pictures including a tegu eating blueberries 'kaijutegu Follow I got distracted putting away groceries and SOMEBODY took advantage.' and a tegu in a basket 'She put herself in prison and then passed out'

Tumblr Thread: Delinquent Tegu Steals Some Blueberries

An expected hooligan.
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video of a white fox cub who stole some raspberries | thumbnail includes two pictures of a white fox cub with a mouthful of raspberries

Itty Bitty Sneaky Fox Cub Steals Some Raspberries (Video)

The cutest thief ever <3
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video of a cat stealing things from the neighbors | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat carrying a sock and a cat bringing a gift

Delinquent Cat Keeps Stealing Things From Neighbors (Video)

They're little gifts! Stolen... gifts...
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video of a cat stealing a dog's food and getting caught by the dog | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat eating and a dog removing a cat from its food

Delinquent Cat Trying To Steal Dog's Food Gets Caught (Video)

Shenanigans of a jerk cat gone wrong.
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cat who loves to steal anything and everything - thumbnail of china the cat bringing back a stolen beer cozy and stolen firework

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: China, The Klepto Cat

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pictures of cats caught stealing humans' food thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat peeking over a table trying to grab someone's sandwich and another of a cat's paw grabbing someone's cookie

Cat Thieves Stealing Food Caught Red Handed

The paw sneakily patting the table is all you can see...
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seagulls birds funny stealing animals sky rats wtf lol pics | funny photo of a white seagull flying low and snatching an ice cream cone from a man's hand in the middle of the street stealing food thief bird photo taken at the right moment perfectly timed

"Sky Rats" Snatching Food Right Out Of Human Hands

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thief lost dog found

Scumbag Woman 'Finds' Lost Dog And Immediately Tries To Sell It Without Finding The Owner First

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Sad stolen feels viral Reddit heartbreaking thief - 8556037

Woman Shares Heartbreaking Message To The Thief That Stole Her Last Memories Of Her Dog

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Cats underwear thief - 1914117

Cheeky Cats That Love to Steal People's Underwear

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caught stealing attack kitten cute Video thief - 351495

Kitten Gets Caught Stealing Money and Her Reaction Is Hilarious

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rat stealing pets money Video thief - 346119

Sneaky Rat Steals a Dollar Then Quickly Hoards It Away in Her Cheese Fund

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candy news stealing squirrel Video thief - 84684545

Squirrel With a Sweet Tooth Can't Stop Stealing Candy Bars From This Convenience Store

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