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therapy dog

12 videos and images of norbert tiny therapy dog white fur | thumbnail left norbert looking festive in blanket, thumbnail right norbert tiny white dog and small girl doing high five

Tiny Therapy Doggo Norbert Volunteers In His Free Time: Instagram Spotlight

Norbert is a 10-year-old therapy dog who lives in Los Angeles. He's perhaps best known for his ability to put smiles on the faces of everyone he meets and everyone who follows along with his adventures on social media . According to his website : "In 2009, when I was 4 months old, my Mom Julie Steines (formerly Julie Freyermuth) adopted me through PetFinder.com. I was not in a shelter or rescue but I needed a special kind of home due to my tiny size." "One day, when I was still a puppy, my Mom …
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Therapy Dog

chair cat people therapy bulldog therapy dog - 6876083968
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awesome Black Lab disabled handicapped happy dog labrador retriever love play playing service dog surfing therapy dog Video - 32892417

VIDEO: Onyx the Survivor

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Goggie ob teh Week - Therapy Dogs: Friend to Many

dachshund goggie ob teh week therapy dog working dog - 5118116864
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Goggie ob teh Week - Therapy Dogs: You Has a Flavor!

flavor goggie ob teh week jack russell terrier kisses love therapy dog working dog - 5118083584
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Goggie ob teh Week - Therapy Dogs: Storytime Friends

goggie ob teh week golden retriever read reading therapy dog working dog - 5118009856
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Goggie ob teh Week- Therapy Dogs: Just a Quick Visit

goggie ob teh week golden retriever therapy dog working dogs - 5117818624
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