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16b screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted pictures of their therapy cats listening to their problems and holding their hands | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange kitten holding a human finger and a picture of a tuxedo cat with its paw on a human's lap

Cat People Show Off Their Therapeutic Cats That Listen To Their Problems And Provide A Shoulder To Cry On

Is there anything cats can't do?
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12 videos and images of norbert tiny therapy dog white fur | thumbnail left norbert looking festive in blanket, thumbnail right norbert tiny white dog and small girl doing high five

Tiny Therapy Doggo Norbert Volunteers In His Free Time: Instagram Spotlight

Norbert is a 10-year-old therapy dog who lives in Los Angeles. He's perhaps best known for his ability to put smiles on the faces of everyone he meets and everyone who follows along with his adventures on social media . According to his website : "In 2009, when I was 4 months old, my Mom Julie Steines (formerly Julie Freyermuth) adopted me through PetFinder.com. I was not in a shelter or rescue but I needed a special kind of home due to my tiny size." "One day, when I was still a puppy, my Mom …
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story of mrs p the parrot becoming therapy animal, 14 images of mrs p the parrot | thumbnail left picture mrs p with therapy animal jacket, thumbnail right picture mrs p smiling

Mrs P The Therapy Parrot: A Wholesome Adventure Towards Therapy Animal Certification

Pretty Parrot Known As Mrs P Becomes A Certified Therapy Bird
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cats in therapy - thumbnail of angry grey cat sitting on couch

Cats Reveal All In Therapy Session (Video)

They need it too.
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cat therapy blissful cute aww happy happiness calming video youtube animals

Cat Therapy: Eight Blissful Minutes Of Cat Life (Video)

So calming
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Fluffy therapy cat helps people in need | black fluffy cat wearing a bow tie and a tag that reads pets therapy, photo is taken outside the royal London hospital

Meet Mr. London Meow, The Fluffy Therapy Cat Who Spreads Joy And Happiness

The Fluffy Therapy Cat
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Therapy pony with a sick boy, Therapy ponies in Scotland

Hospitals In Scotland Use Miniature Therapy Ponies To Help Sick Children

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therapist funny comics therapy animal comics animals web comics - 5842693

When Animals Go To Therapy (Comics)

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animal in therapy comics

When Animals Are Going To Therapy (Comics)

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students puppy therapy stress animals - 2076677

Universities are Adapting The "Pet Therapy" Trend

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Dr. Tinycat Approved!

therapy new kitten caption tunnel - 8967993856
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Cats Video therapy - 78885121

Forget Laughter, Cats Are the Best Medicine

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Cats Video therapy - 78346753

These Cats Might Want to Break Up

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therapy cute Video - 75836929

Unique Therapy Dog Can Sniff Out Stress

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Need a Tissue Before We Get Started?

therapy cute Cats - 8213866752
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Dessert Therapy

cake fat therapy Cats - 8078627072
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