The Little Mermaid


Cutest 'Little Purrmaid' Tale Told With A Behind The Gif Comic

This is the cutest version of The Little Mermaid we've ever seen. Or should we say, The Little Purrmaid

The talented and creative Kat Swenski is the artist behind KatRaccoon Comics. KatRaccoon Comics is about a new format of comics, a comic/gif hybrid way of telling a story. Have you ever come across a gif and had no idea what was happening? As if you needed some context behind that gif to help the overall story?

Well, there's an entire community on Reddit, r/behindthegifs, filled with artists whose duty is to bring context to those context-less gifs and complete the mystery. 

You can see more artwork on Instagram or on KatRacoon Comics

Adorable tale of the little mermaid but with a cat who later discovers legs in a gif - thumbnail includes two comic panels of a cat wanting a human on their own | want human too. cat with fishtail mercat
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ariel calm calm down disney pun redhead The Little Mermaid - 5524312832
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Clam Your T**s

Seriously, Ariel, you are getting a little worked up over this.