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the lion king

The Lion King, Disney's ultimate classic. There will be many Disney movies made and remade, few can compare to the majesty of this movie. The only thing better could be that same movie making us clutch our sides with laughter. Make sure you Mufasa and don't miss hilarious lion king puns, memes, gifs and everything in between.

10 images gifs and videos animals reenacting the lion king | thumbnail left two animals, thumbnail right cat snapchat "What started as moving the bed ended up as a reenactment of The Lion King"

Talented Animals Reenact Cinematic Classic 'The Lion King' In Photo, Video, And Gif Form

True talent with some king of the jungle vibes
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Nailed it disney irl the lion king simba cuddling timon to sleep and real life lion cub and meerkat snuggling sleeping
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I am the king

the lion king lioness walking past hyenas with her head held high: me walking by people in line to pick up my mobile order
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the lion king plushies cute

Build-A-Bear Is Now Offering A Limited Edition Of 'The Lion King' Set And It's Really Cute

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Big cat's in the doghouse.

lioness roaring at a cowering male lion
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The Lion King IRL

the lion king irl
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A Modern Day Timon and Pumbaa

a modern day timon and pumbaa
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Long Live the King

funny memes cat acts like scar
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Long Live the King

the lion king brother Cats betrayal - 8339701760
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Cats kitten the lion king videos the pet collective - 57255425

The Cutest Depiction of The Lion King Ever Created!

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That's One Big Mistake...

lions simba the lion king - 7957451008
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Reenacting The Lion King Just got Real

the lion king movies Cats - 7866927360
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Whiskers Loves The Lion King

acting the lion king drama funny - 7821500928
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Where's the Music?

the lion king holding cub simba hands invisible - 6885416704
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I Just Can't Wait to Not Be King

the lion king disney movies no Grumpy Cat tard multipanel Cats - 6730055424
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The Circle of Life

captions Cats lion king lolcats mean mufasa push scar the lion king - 6469864448
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