I Can Has Cheezburger?

the feels

writing prompt about what happens in the afterlife for dogs - thumbnail of rainbow bridge "When a beloved dog passes in the hereafter, they are given a choice. They can cross the Rainbow Bridge and await for their owners, or join the Sleepless Watch and defend the world from evil spirits."

Redditor Writes Heartbreaking Prompt About Dogs In The Afterlife

Oh, the feels.
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jenny jinyas newest comic of a swan who died from heartbreak | Please! Go away! Comic by JennyJinya Please just.just leave

Jenny Jinya's Newest Comic About Heartbreak Is Based On A True Story

Get ready for a whole punch of feels
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black cat death sad

Artist Behind 'Good Boy' Shares New Comic Featuring A Black Cat

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photos and shared pics of humans being good to each other and to nature

19 Photos To Remind You That Life Is Beautiful

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