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reasons why people are grateful to their cats | thumbnail includes one picture of an orange cat and one Facebook comment 'Ernie has helped me every day with his unconditional love. He stayed close when I was having a hard time after my father's passing Nov 14, 2021 then again when my sister passed on June 24, 2022. It's been a very stressful year but my sweet baby will lay over my left shoulder and make biscuits when I watch TV. He sleeps by my side every night. I am so very thankful'

People Say Thank You To Their Cats In Honor Of Thanksgiving: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

We're so thankful to them.
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You Can Please Some Of The Cats None Of The Time.

hoping cat thanks caption - 8983726336
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What Do You Mean We Need to Talk?

thanks bed gift why Cats - 8473256704
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Gesundheit, I Guess

Cats thanks sneeze - 8472798976
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Scumbag Dog

thanks destructive blinds dog shamming - 7579430400
Via Dogshaming

Thank You, Men and Women in Uniform!

thanks military cute fourth of july america heartwarming - 7624049408
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The Hazzard Pay Must be Worth the Risk

underwater national geographic thanks sharks eating - 6849259264
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An Otterly Adorably Belated Thanksgiving

thanks thanksgiving captions puns praying otters food delicious - 6819165440

Happy Thanksgiving From Cheezburger!

scratching kneading thanks thank you originals thanksgiving licking Cats hiding - 6773498112

Ai Had a Starvd!

baby cute hero mouse smile thanks - 6101341952
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tankyu fer buyin me

big caption captioned cat present siamese thanks - 5689924352
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Thanks for Calling...

calling caption captioned computer customer service desk gopher lolwut name thanks - 5356545280
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And Pork Rinds

animals beer seal thanks - 5107185664
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I Can't Convince You Otherwise?

animals nope sloth thanks - 5273042688
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So long,

all bye caption captioned cat cheeseburgers Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy leaving shoop so long thanks - 5292093952
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When You're That Cute, It Doesn't Matter

corgis cute face gross i has a hotdog licking thanks - 5276907264
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