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original ICanHasCheezburger song about being thankful to cat sitters | thumbnail includes one picture of a woman playing the guitar next to a cat

A Song Of Gratitude For All The Amazing Cat-Sitters Out There (Video)

By the incredibly talented Tracy Thorne!
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12 text images discussion on vets going above and beyond | thumbnail text "I took my very sick cat in to the vets and turned out he had cancer. I thought it was hyperthyroidism. Have had cats with that before. The vet offered for me to come back later with my husband after spoiling my little shadow for the past 15 years all day. The vet herself cradled him and took him to the back after he'd passed. A week later we also received a beautiful signed sympathy card with personal messages"

Heartwarming Instances Of Vets Going Above And Beyond For Their Patients

Pet owners, where you at? You guys know just how much of a difference in a good vet can make. We trust our vets to care for our CHILDREN . That is no light task! These professional animal lovers have a beautiful habit of going above and beyond for their patients, and we salute them! We want to give a big shout out to all of the vets, and veterinary support workers out there. We appreciate you! Vets can especially make a difference for us pet owners when we are going through a difficult time wit…
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"Thank you, Mr. Fire Person"

cat fireman thank you humans mr ok caption are - 8988173568
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T.G.I.F-Everything Else, I'm Ready To Relax

animals thank you otter weekend - 8502472704
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Be Kind To Those Around You

thank you kids crying - 8439384064
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To All the Lemurs Who Said I Couldn't Do it, Face!

thank you coke monkey i have no idea what im doing - 8438607104
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Why Diddint We Dew Dis Sooner?

christmas thank you christmas tree - 8405019904
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I Can Has?

I Can Has Cheezburger thank you treat - 8378895616
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I Don't Hear a "Thank You"

thank you better funny - 7677362432
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I Hart U 2

heart thank you cute love - 7603930880
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Been Bothering Me Since Dinner

baby thank you tiny bats cute push - 6856316416
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They're Kind of Sickening to Be Around

thank you annoying tigers beautiful - 6760281856
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Happy Thanksgiving From Cheezburger!

scratching kneading thanks thank you originals thanksgiving licking Cats hiding - 6773498112

Rescues will give u a lifetime of rewards

thank you gift Flower chihuahua love rescue - 6629568000
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So kind of you.

captions Cats litter box shoes thank you categoryimage - 6635468032
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I want to thank...

beggin strips graduation hat husky malamute thank you walks - 6384206336
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