Tumblr Thread: Delinquent Tegu Steals Some Blueberries

Sometimes, we come across a gem in the vast wasteland that is tumblr completely by accident - an animal story so ridiculous and unexpected, we don't even know what to do with it. Stories such as a tiny dramatic opossum infiltrating a shelter overcrowding run, or the jerk peacock who runs around scaring everyone, and today, we have the most amazing story of a delinquent tegu stealing blueberries. 

Thank you, kaijutegu, for sharing this ridiculous story. Never in our lives did we think we would fall in love so hard with a tegu, but alas, here we are. Of course, tegus are not the only thieves in the animal kingdom. So, if you want more stories of such delinquents, check out cats stealing literally everyone's food and this awwdorable video of a white fox cub stealing some raspberries

tumblr thread about a tegu stealing blueberries | thumbnail includes two pictures including a tegu eating blueberries 'kaijutegu Follow I got distracted putting away groceries and SOMEBODY took advantage.' and a tegu in a basket 'She put herself in prison and then passed out'
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