I Can Has Cheezburger?


Animal Memes: Technologically Impaired Duck - The Tubes Are Clogged

birds ducks Hall of Fame internet Memes slow Technologically Impaired Duck technology - 6201917696
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New IT Guy

computer Hall of Fame internet it keyboard technology type - 6184894720
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Animal Memes: Technologically Impaired Duck - You Can't Fool Me

computers Memes Technologically Impaired Duck technology - 6158796032
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Lolcats: we haz dismantled ur interwebz.

break Cats computer computers destroy distraction Hall of Fame internet kitten play playing technology - 6057389312
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Animal Memes: Technologically Impaired Duck - Do I Put the Title Here?

birds ducks dumb fonts Memes Technologically Impaired Duck technology what - 6085484544
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Classic LOLcat

classic classics computer lolcat resolution technology - 6094868224
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awesome elephant elephants phones smartphones technology Video - 36097281

Animal Videos: Elephant Using a Smartphone

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How to Ascend the Stairs LIKE A BOSS

fat lazy old products stairs technology wtf - 6040324352
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I Has A Hotdog: Dey Scratch and Haz Hiss

apple Cats funny golden retriever headphones kitteh technology - 6000683776
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Ferrets? In MY Computer?!

computers ferrets problem technology theres-your-problem - 5912907008
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apple horses ipads parody silly technology Video - 35206401

iPad: Now for Horses

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Yeah, Well, Not Anymore.

computer ferret ferrets mine technology - 5900090112
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We can rebuild him, we have the technology

awesome best of the week disabled french bulldogs Hall of Fame handicapped technology tongue tongue out wheelchair wheels - 5803892480
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Just Like This

animals computer gecko let me in technology - 5806152448
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S.E.T.I. Budget Cuts

chihuahua lamp science technology - 5690577664
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animals compilation games ipads iPhones phones playing technology Video video games - 32435969

VIDEO: Animals Playing With Touchscreen Devices

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