I Can Has Cheezburger?


viral imgur thread of a Wild Animal Tech sharing a day in her life thumbnail includes two pictures including a woman holding an owl and another of a baby duckling inside of a plate on a scale

Working As A Wild Animal Tech (Viral Thread)

Dream job.
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Technician Cats Who Are Busy Making An Update To The PC | THANK CALLING TINY KITTEN REPAIR ACCEPT VISA, MASTERCARD, CUDDLING AND SHINY THINGS VIA 9GAG.COM three tiny kittens playing inside a computer

Fifteen Cats From Tech Support Who Are Busy Making An Update To Your PC (Memes)

Technician Cats
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It's A Thankless, Never-Ending Task

adjusting caption captioned cat Cats computer computers internet technician tubes - 5229723904
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apathy caption captioned cat computer dont-care inspection problem technician - 4077323776
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belly belly rubs caption captioned cat monorail cat technician - 4019981568
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