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story about a stranded dolphin who was rescued and released back into the wild in India thumbnail includes two pictures including people carrying the dolphin on a stretcher together and another of a man holding the dolphin about to release it into the river

Dolphin Stranded In A Canal Rescued And Released Back Into The Wild

A happy ending to a dolphin who was stuck for hours
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teamwork family raccoons Video - 80874241

Raccoon Family Uses Crafty Teamwork to Get Over a Wall

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I'm Not Even Mad. That's Amazing!

dog gives cat a boost up the fridge
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gross ears antlers teamwork Video - 77391873

Nature Is Gross Ya'll

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Teamwork Isn't Always a Good Thing

teamwork raccoons funny - 8271588608
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Just a Little Higher...Gotcha!

bugs Cats cute teamwork - 8204906752
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This is What You Call 'Involuntary Teamwork'

Cats cute sleeping teamwork - 8031667456

Teamwork at its Finest

drink birds water cute teamwork - 8002638592

Better Try the Trampoline to Make Sure...

fence ball teamwork trampoline back yard funny - 8004534528

Sometimes it Helps to Have a Friend Test the Waters

water teamwork frogs - 7899694848
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friends teamwork - 7884122624
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What Are Friends For?

gifs friends goats teamwork donkeys - 7879506944
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gif teamwork Cats funny - 7862470400
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Comes in Useful When it's Time to put the Cat Out

snuggle camo teamwork Cats - 7847721472
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It Takes Two

teamwork mess funny - 7719720704
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Working Together for Noms

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