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bird doing his taxes is all of us - thumbnail of bird looking at small laptop "if your grandmother was born on the eastern bank of a river during a full moon while mercury was in retrograde, proceed to form 147-B, Question 38-G"

Alex The Honking Bird Files His Taxes And It's Heckin' Relatable (Video)

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foster taxes california Cats - 8109573

If You Foster a Cat Or a Dog In California, You Can Now Claim it On Your Taxes

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table taxes Cats Video - 90623745

This Is Why You Should Never Let Your Cat Help You With The Taxes

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Getting Ready

Cat meme of helping the cat do the taxes.
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comics of animals doing their tax refunds

Animals Doing Their Annual Tax Refunds

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Doing Your Taxes Can Be Ruff

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It's That Time of Year Again

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Tax tyme.

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You forgot

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Death and Taxes

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