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viral tweets about 'long boi' the tallest mallard duck to have ever lived | thumbnail includes a picture of a really tall duck and one tweet 'Bird - Dick King-Smith HQ @DickKingSmith ... "The tallest mallard duck to have ever lived (since records began) known as 'Long Boi.' He lives on the campus of the University of York, England. He stands just over 1m tall (3.5ft)." 8:54 AM Apr 29, 2021 Twitter Web App 32.5K Retweets 9,645 Quote Tweets 208.2K Likes'

Funny Viral Tweets About The 'Tallest Mallard Duck To Have Ever Lived'

He's magnificent.
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tall tree Cats rescue - 4352517

Compassionate Arborists Rescue Cats From Tall Trees In Their Spare Time

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Mommy, I Want the Pile of Cat to Win!

tall pile cage contest Cats funny - 7820931072
By Unknown

Tall Cat vs. Pile of Cat

tall pile funny - 7706707712
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Taller Than You

duckling tall - 7385505536
By sixonefive72

Suspicious Chihuahua's Keepin' His Eyes On You

tall creepy Awkward stare suspicious chihuahua - 6991487744
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great danes guinness world records huge tall Video Zeus - 41888769

Animal Videos: The World's Tallest Dog

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Why Does She Keep Disappearing?

baby bird flamingo lost mother short tall - 5781640192
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Hey Horse, Lean Down for a Sec, I Got Something to Tell You

cant cat horse tall whisper - 6165000704
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Daily Squee: The View Is Spectacular

bunnies bunny human-like rabbit stand standing tall tiny view - 6129239040
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Climbed All This Way For Nothin'

climb high lemur tall - 6004413952
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Squee Spree: Knobby Knees and All

baby giraffes knees knobby little squee spree tall - 5944077312
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Squee Spree: The Tallest vs. the Smallest

Battle giraffes lizard squee spree tall - 5917978368
By Unknown

Yeah, Just Don't Tell the Safety Inspectors

animals birds Owl puffed up tall - 5800952064
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acting like animals Babies baby bad idea bear bears climbing cub cubs explanation high story stuck tall tree - 5469623040
By Unknown


cute dik dik dik-diks grass height itty bitty posture small tall - 4676535296
By Unknown
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