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original ICanHasCheezburger video about a man who gives lessons in cat language | thumbnail includes two pictures of a man with a cat on his shoulder

Man Who Seems To Know How To Speak Cat Language Decides To Teach The Internet His Secrets (Video)

We tried... and it worked
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19 pictures and comments about cats and one video of a cat | Thumbnail includes three pictures including 'Cat - CATS ACTUALLY PREFERS WHEN YOU USE "BABY-TALK"', 'Cat - IF YOU ARE USING "BABY-TALK" AND THEY CONTINUE TO IGNORE YOU.... IT'S PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY'RE CHOOSING TOO', 'Cat - BECAUSE..... CATS' and one comment including 'Human body - rebeccalameiro to animals using a normal voice don't pass the vibe check People who speak'

Funny Video Exposes That Cats Prefer Baby Talk And Confirms That They Can Be as Cold And Heartless As Your Mother-In-Law (Pictures & Video)

Come heeeeeeeeeere widdle baby we wuv u so muuuuchhhhhh!
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22 screenshots of talkative cats that love to meow all day | Thumbnail includes a picture of a tabby cat sitting and sticking its tongue out and a picture of an orange grumpy cat '22 screenshots of talkative cats that love to meow all day | Thumbnail includes a picture of a tabby cat sitting and sticking its tongue out and a picture of an orange grumpy cat 'Never. Stops. Talking/Shouting. I'd like to record & process his complaint, but we can't seem to agree on the issue'

22 Chitty Chatty Cats That Have A Lot To Say

Meow meow
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21 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people say that they know exactly what they cats mean when they meow at them | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white/grey fluffy cat looking up at the camera and a picture of a cat sitting on top of a door 'SCAM ALERT: people are saying "I know!" when their cat meows at them when in fact they do NOT know!!! But I do know! He is telling me he hates leaf blowers, wants me to leave the bathroom faucet running in perpetuity, and does not understand'

Cat People Know Exactly What Their Cats Mean When They Meow At Them: Thread

No words necessary
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27 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people post their talkative cats | Thumbnail includes a photo of a cat from a low angle and a photo of a cat sitting on a couch 'Little cat screams at me while i type this This chatty boy has entire conversations with us'

27 Chatty Cats That Won't Stop Talking To Their Owners: A Funny Little Twitter Thread

They have things to say
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Article with 7 TikToks in the theme of talking cats | Thumbnail includes three screenshots with cat on a cupboard, woman petting feral cat, and woman holding cat 'Hi mom a cute moment from today *meows in agreement* The way he hit me when I exposed him Nooo'

Talkative TikTok Cats Give Their Owners Attitude Because They Can

Purrfect companions for a deep convo
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16 screenshots from Reddit and Twitter of dog owners who talk to their dogs | Thumbnail includes blue background with a screenshot of a tweet 'I love overhearing dog owners talking to their dogs eg, I was petting this dog who seemed happy but then suddenly growled at me, so I left As I turned the corner I could hear his owner saying to him reproachfully, "You always do this, Oscar, you drive away all your friends"'

Dog Owners Confess They Change Their Voices When Speaking To Their Dogs

Baby talk
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video of elephants in water | thumbnail image of elephants in water

Elephant Squad Gathers Together For A Chat In The Water (Video)

Mid day chat with the homies
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a video about a husky dog who wants some biscuits talking to his owner | thumbnail is a photo of the dog

Awwdorable Husky Dog Argues With Owner Over Biscuits (Video)

I Can Has Biscuits?
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twitter thread about crows scaring a person by saying 'hello' | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Cherie Priest @cmpriest ... Went to clean/fill the bird baths and heard someone say, "Hello? HELLO?" I thought I was losing my mind - but it turns out that the crows who frequent the patio baths have spent enough time around humans that they have picked up both basic greetings and passive aggression. 6:54 PM Jun 28, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1,170 Retweets 103 Quote Tweets 11.6K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Crows Learn To Say 'Hello' And Spook Twitter User

Did you know crows can talk? She didn't.
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13 videos and images of birds | thumbnail left bird looking in mirror, thumbnail left bird next to onion

Pet Birbs In All Their Goofy Glory (Videos)

Birby Goofiness To The Max
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funny Amazon reviews of talking buttons for dogs | thumbnail includes a picture of talking buttons for dogs and one amazon review of them 'Font - Halli Verified Purchase I too taught my dog to demand food with these buttons. Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2019 I bought these after learning about their usefulness in training animals to communicate by hitting the button. What a fascinating idea. My dog already knew the words when I spoke them, but had no way to let me know exactly w'

Funny Amazon Reviews Of Talking Buttons For Dogs

Careful what you teach them lol
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viral tweets and tiktok videos of parrots and other birds talking | thumbnail includes two tweets 'Font - BIG BR @BabyRayy_ I don't think people are concerned enough about why parrots can talk?? 12:59 PM · May 1, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 51.6K Retweets 4,532 Quote Tweets 366K Likes' and 'Person - BIG BR @BabyRayy_ Replying BabyRayy_ Like whole parrot has testified court and were just like yeah they do sometimes 2:04 PM May 1, 2021 Twitter iPhone 1,253 Retweets 171 Quote Tweets 23K Likes''

Viral Tweets: Videos Of Parrots Talking In Different Accents

Amazing, mildly terrifying, and hilarious.
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cute foxes chilling and chatting - thumbnail of two foxes laying the grass and chatting

Foxes Playing And Chatting With One Another (Video)

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cats discuss their recent meals via video call - thumbnail includes two images of cats talking about what they ate | had tuna Lucky had dry food

Cats Discuss Their Recent Meal (Comic)

In collaboration with Ilana Zeffren
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tumblr thread about giving a dog buttons with recorded words on them to press on when they want something thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Text - moderngargoyle Follow I made the absolutely fucktacular mistake of giving my dog buttons that I recorded words on to talk with and she keeps waking me up in the thrice damned wee hours o the night to tell me and deubtless she eould not POSSIBLY wait until merning to say-that she wants to eat the cat's food'

Tumblr Thread: Teaching Dog To Speak Using Buttons With Recorded Words

Don't. Do. It.
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