I Can Has Cheezburger?


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Two Cats And A Microphone (Video)

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The Buck Stops Here!

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It's No Longer the Parrot That Does the Singing

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You've Proven My Theory

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Take a Seat Human, We Need to Talk

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I Ate Da Canary!

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If Cats Could Talk, What Would They Say?

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We've Seen You at Parties. You Know You're Exactly Like This.

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Two Dogs Skype Each Other

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He knows!!!!!

talk captions language meow speak Cats - 6845025024
By allgo19

Aw, man! I thought you were gonna tell me about sex 'n stuff!

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Simon Pegg avec la Tortue

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Thanks a lot.

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But I'm Listening. I Promise.

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I Can't Really Help It

apology ass donkey pun sorry talk - 6408914432
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