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People Celebrating Their Senior Pets' Special Birthdays (Tweets)

No, I can't come hang out with you today, I'm celebrating my cat's Quinceañera. Yes, that's a perfect reason not to hang out with someone. This is a very important thing. And if the person you're talking to doesn't understand your reasoning for not hanging out with them, then they clearly don't know what it's like to have a pet, let alone a senior one. 

Every single birthday is precious with senior pets. Every day is deserving of celebration. Especially, when it comes to the most special kinds of birthdays - happy 10s, sweets sixteens, Quinceañeras. Need to look for as many reasons as possible to celebrate them. And today, we're joining in on twitter's celebration of senior pets, because they've earned it.

So, happy birthday to allllll the senior pets out there!! We hope you get many, many more birthdays such as this one.

tweets about people celebrating senior pets' special birthdays thumbnail includes a picture of a cat on a table and balloons spelling the number '15' and one tweet 'Furniture - Joshua Corey @joshcorey9 ... Kinda busy today, it's my cat's Quinceañera. 1:33 AM Mar 7, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 29.3K Retweets 1,117 Quote Tweets 315K Likes'
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