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40 images of angry animals | thumbnail left angry duckling thumbnail right three angry chickens looking at camera

40 Angry Animals Who Have Had Enough But Still Look Adorable

Series of animals who have mastered looking angry and adorable at the same time
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video of meerkat pups | thumbnail three meerkat pups in sandy area

Awwdorable Meerkat Pup Trio Born At Dubbo Zoo (Video)

Welcome to the world
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video of elderly bat living at animal sanctuary |

Elderly Bat Once Used For Experiments Now Lives His Best Life With His Human Pal (Video)

Bat World Sanctuary and Enzo's home, was founded in 1992 to offer lifetime sanctuary to non releasable bats while also rescuing and rehabilitating releasable bats. Enzo arrived there in 1996 after previously living in a lab doing DNA research. He was rescued along with two cute friends! Since living at the sanctuary, Enzo is treated like a king! He is very well cared for and even gets medication for his arthritis. Enzo is a super relatable bat, he likes melon and naps. Hey! So do we! This guy g…
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video of friendship between python and girl | thumbnail left girl and python sitting together, thumbnail right girl and python playing together "they're just very used to each other's company"

16-Foot Python Is So Gentle With Her BFF And Favorite Girl Emi (Video)

This snake/human girl duo is too adorable for words. Dad and owner of Cher the Snake, introduced her to Emi (the human) when Emi was only two years old! At the same time, Cher was quite a tiny snake , and would fit inside of Emi's small hand. Now- Cher is so big Emi would struggle to even pick her up slightly! As a parent, Dad had to make sure that Cher was tame and safe to be around his daughter. He would spend every day, multiple times a day with Cher just getting her warmed up and used to hu…
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video of doberman and owner | thumbnail left dog hugging owner, thumbnail right dog laying with owner

Sweet Doberman With Difficult Beginnings Is Awwdorably Attached To Owner (Video)

Doberman dog named 'Bank' hates to be apart from his owner and there are many reasons. Poor Bank had a very difficult childhood, he was bullied by his siblings and family members and left alone. His unfortunate mistreatment led his mama and owner to give him 10 times the love that he was always denied and we love watching all the amazing wholesome goodness going on between Bank and Mom. He becomes so close to his owner, he can barely manage a second without her. As mom works, Bank tries to get …
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video of donkey named hazel fascinated by man and guitar | thumbnail left hazel donkey and man cuddling plus guitar, thumbnail right "and i started to play and she just gravitated towards me"  man with donkey

Donkey Snuggles Into Guy's Shoulder Every Time He Plays Guitar (Video)

Hazel the Donkey has lived in an animal sanctuary for twenty years! The first time Christopher played the guitar for Hazel he was surprised by her reaction. She started cuddling up to him and it was clear that Hazel adored him. The sweet wholesome bond between Christopher and Hazel is clearly driven by Christopher's music and good vibes. Every time Christopher leaves the animal sanctuary Hazel can't help but cry a little. Their sweet bond is truly heartwarming. It is amazing to see how animals …
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discussion of how dogs express love from reddit 13 images | thumbnail blue background with text: have a 10 year old GSD/retriever mix that is not very affectionate. He is the polar opposite of a golden retriever. It took me a while to realize that he loves me just as much, just has a much more subtle way of showing it...etc

Discussion: How Less Affectionate Dogs Express Love And Appreciation

Hiya friends. Not all doggos are as cuddly and affectionate as some of us might hope, but it does not mean these doggos are not capable of feeling love and appreciation, they just have their own special way of showing it! Some doggos express their love through cuddles, some express it by following their human around while careful maintaining their distance, so as to not accidently be toughed or pet. Either way, the human is crucial to this equation! We believe that one of the best indications o…
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video of cats looking for hidden treats | thumbnail left owner hiding treats, thumbnail right cats searching for treats

Owner Hides Treats From Cats Then Watches As They Scavenge (Video)

Watch as this pet owner strategically hides kitty treats under his blanket, and then records his cats' reactions. You can tell that these felines are on high alert for something suspicious as soon as they enter the bedroom vicinity because their tails perk up super high and they are seen giving the air a few thorough sniffs. The cat owner, in the meantime, tries to give them a hint by calling the cats closer to his bedroom, where the treats have been stashed! When they arrive to the bed, it's g…
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17 images of dog hardy | thumbnail left dog laying with baby, thumbnail right toddler and dog looking out of window

New Dad Worried About Stress Of Adopting Dog: They Ends Up BFFs

Adopting a dog may seem like a lot for new parents adjusting to life with a very attention demanding new addition, but sometimes it's exactly the puzzle piece that you didn't know was missing. Such was the case for this Imgur user who was admittedly concerned about the added responsibility when considering adopting a dog shortly after his daughter was born. Imgur user Srbic says “First time I saw him, I wanted a dog so bad at the time and been searching for one in shelters for some time already…
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12 dog snaps | thumbnail left dog bonjour snapchat, thumbnail right don't feed kenny dog snap

Doggo Snaps Of Pawsitivity And Good Vibes

Yawnnn. Good morning folks. Well, we better get ready and get going to work. Oh wait- JK it's Saturday! We love us some Saturdays. And it ain't just because it's a day devoted entirely to spending time with our furry four legged companions! Though, that's definitely a major factor. We love it so much because we get to prepare the freshest and silliest doggo snaps, just for you! With a little sugar, spice, and everything nice, we compile for you the silliest most tail wagging, bone licking, hila…
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6 images animals painting | thumbnail left dog painting, thumbnail right painting itself, text foreground

Rescue Dogs' Pawesome Paintings Up For Auction To Support Charity

We always knew animals were awesome and talented, but now one British animal rehoming center is putting their skills to the test! "Artworks created by dogs are going up for auction to raise money for an animal rescue charity in Redcar. SARA (Saving and Rehoming Animals) came up with the idea to help raise funds during the pandemic, which it said had a ‘huge impact’ on fundraising events. The canvas artworks were made at the Redcar center using non-toxic paint, plastic sheets and peanut butter. …
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video of fox pups jumping on bed | thumbnail left and right two fox pups on bed playing

Two Lil Fox Pups Jumping On The Bed (Video)

We are known for loving and adoring all animals. BUT- every so often, our attention is caught by a specific animal that maybe we don't give enough daily appreciation to! Today, its foxes . Foxes have all the beauty and intelligence of cats, mixed with the outgoing personalities of loving dogs. Basically, they are one of the most amazing creations that nature has to offer. These two sweet pups simply radiate all the wholesome goodness that there is in the world! We're ready to put the computer t…
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14 photos of instagram famous raccoon family | thumbnail left raccoon with sushi, thumbnail left raccoon with fruit and vegetables

Insta Famous Trash Pandas: Spotlight On Tito And Family

Hey folks , happy Sunday to all. Today we are talking about a lil raccoon family whose Insta fame has been gained in the name of a very special trash panda called Tito. Tito's family shares about him on his website! “Tito the Raccoon shares his adventures on Instagram and YouTube to change the stigma about raccoons, who people commonly think are pests. He wants to spread the the message that not every raccoon is a rabid, feisty animal (though Tito does not support everyone keeping a raccoon as …
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video of fox pup in bathtub | thumbnail left close up of fox pup face, thumbnail right fox under running water in bathtub

Fox Pup Gets Bubble Bath After Midnight Accident (Video)

We here at Cheezburger love and appreciate all animals. However, every so often, we fall madly in love with a specific animal that captures our attention on that given day. Today, its foxes . Foxes have all the beauty and intelligence of cats, mixed with the outgoing personalities of loving dogs. Basically, they are one of the most amazing creations that nature has to offer. This sweet little fox pup found himself a bit of a mess after a potty accident. He was quickly taken to the bathtub where…
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10 animal gifs eating | thumbnail left cow eating broccoli, thumbnail right fox eating berries

Wholesome Compilation: 10 Hongry Mid Munch Animal Gifs

Smol And Hongry
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22 animal gifs | thumbnail left dog wearing hat eating watermelon, thumbnail right two kittens playing with toy

22 Super Floofy Animal Gifs

Overwhelming Cuteness And Floofiness
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